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SAM’S CORNER: Etiquette training, cooking at Mr. An’s added to a fun, busy week

Hey Wildcat fans,

It has been a busy week for us as we prepare for our first game. One of the most important things for us to practice as we head into the games is how to eat properly. Luckily, we have that covered now as we finished our etiquette training class for the year.

This past Monday the players and staff attended etiquette training in the Sands Club. We learned all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to eating, greeting and attire.

The most impactful thing that I took away from the class was how to write a proper ‘Thank You’ letter. First off, the card should be folded in what I called hot dog style. Second of all, you should NEVER write ‘thank you’ on the outside of the card. You always write on the bottom side of the card and if you need more room then you move back up to the top fold of the card.


We were given a guide of how to be professional but still show our personality. The most odd thing I learned was how to address people when writing a letter. For example, if I were writing a letter to Adia, I would say “Dear Mr. and Mrs. Salvo Coppa.” Just like that. I would not even address Adia’s name.

One of the big things we learned was allowing the man to be chivalrous and feel like a man. It was important to learn the correct way, but I am not sure if I would be addressing Adia as that. Overall, it was a very informative class and hopefully if anyone sees us at a restaurant, you will see our proper etiquette.

Later in the week, I got to participate in ‘Cooking with the Stars’ at Mr. Ans. Unfortunately I couldn’t show off my etiquette skills because I was the chef. I was very nervous at first, I am not much of a cook. I am more of a microwave kind of girl. In all four years that I have been in college, I might have cooked three meals.

My mindset is why spend two to three hours cooking and washing dishes when I can buy it pre-made and pop it in the microwave or oven? However, my cooking skills came alive at Mr. Ans and I made a solid meal for my table.

Of course, I had a little help from the pro chef but I was mixing the vegetables and serving the food like a pro. Everyone at my table seemed to enjoy it, so I will say it was a successful night. Maybe now I will start cooking meals of my own.

Sam Thomas is a senior leader with Adia Barnes’ program returning for her fifth season in 2021-22 as granted by the NCAA because of last season impacted by COVID-19 protocol. She has agreed to write a weekly column at Her honors at Arizona include:

2021 Pac-12 Scholar-Athlete of the Year
2021 CoSIDA First Team Academic All-American
Elite 90 Award Winner
2021 All-Pac-12
2020 All-Pac-12 Honorable Mention
2020 & 2021 Pac-12 All-Defense
2020 & 2021 Pac-12 Winter Academic Honor Roll
2019 CoSIDA Academic All-District First Team
2019 Pac-12 All-Academic First Team
2018 Pac-12 All-Freshman
2018 Arizona Athletics Female Freshman of the Year

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