Tucson Sugar Skulls

Win or Stay Home for the Sugar Skulls

As the first year for the Tucson Sugar Skulls wraps up, they find themselves in the middle of a playoff hunt. Right now, they sit with a record of 6-7 after losing a heartbreaking game to the unbeaten Arizona Rattlers last weekend.

Throughout the season, the Sugar Skulls have been in many close games against the top half of the league only to fall short in the closing minutes.

This Saturday, the Sugar Skulls will face Quad City, which comes into the game with three straight wins putting themselves in the playoff hunt at 6-7. For Tucson, it is quite simple, win and you’re in, lose and you miss the playoffs completely. There are many different scenarios that could play out, but why risk it when you hold your own destiny in your hands?

I got a chance to talk to Sugar Skulls Quarterback Jake Medlock the showdown versus Quad City. This is what had to say.

Later I talked to coach Marcus Coleman who talked about being in close games and the progression of his team. Plus, what they need to do to finish off games when it comes to crunch time.

It is clear that this game has enormous implications not only for the Sugar Skulls, but the organization as a whole. As an expansion franchise, getting to the playoffs in its first season would be a massive step forward that I’m not sure many people were expecting outside of the organization.

Looking at the chance of the playoffs from another angle is the impact it would have on the Sugar Skulls fans and the community of Tucson. If they are able to get in, the excitement for the IFL would jump to another level here in Tucson. That would give the them momentum next season as they look to improve and gain more interest around the city of Tucson.

Again, you can see the Tucson Sugar Skulls in action this weekend for their final home game Saturday at 6 p.m. It will be “Fan Appreciation Night” with tickets to the game going for as low as $10 for the final home game.

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