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Q&A: Former Arizona Wildcats, Sahuaro Cougars Standout Gina Snyder Talks About Canceled Softball Season

With sporting events being either postponed or canceled due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we’re left in a standstill, waiting to see what happens next, and wonder when we’ll see an arena filled with fans again.

Due to the pandemic, all spring sports and their championships have been canceled. In response, the NCAA will be granting an extra year of eligibility to the athletes involved in those sports. By doing so, this opens up questions, from how can it be done to what will the effect be for future incoming athletes?

I talked to former Arizona Wildcats and Sahuaro Cougars standout Gina Snyder, who has not only played at the highest level in college softball , but has been working as a scout, helping high school athletes get into college.

Here is a Q&A of the interview that covers everything from the effect the pandemic has on spring sports, to the impact it has had on her own life.

How have things been going in your life since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the shutdown of spring sports?

GS: “Honestly, it didn’t really affect my life up until yesterday. That’s when the Hitting Factory had to shut down because theCity of Marana called for everyone to close their doors to the public. So I can’t do much from home.”

What about things with NSR?

GS: “Working with NSR has been good, but it’s been weird because I can’t go out and watch kids play. So, I’ve been getting in touch with some kids and telling them to send me any video they can take.”

Can you give an example of that?

GS: “I just helped one of my prospects make a video because that’s another side of recruiting that’s being affected to where they’re in a dead period. So, now with college coaches in a dead period, a lot of the recruiting that would have been done in a few months will take longer.”

“Because of this, I’ve been getting emails from coaches on some of our prospects saying to send them videos and stuff like that.”

Gina Snyder was our 2014 Southern Arizona Pitcher of the Year at Sahuaro (Photo by Andy Morales/

How will the NCAA granting an extra year of eligibility affect recruiting?

GS: ” I’m not sure how that’s going to go. I know they’ll make it right. It’ll be interesting to see the trickle-down effect in how it’s going to change recruiting for the kids that are still in high school. Then again, it may not affect it at all because you don’t know who is coming back. So, I think it’s going to depend on the institute and their situation.”

How does someone keep fresh during this time?

GS: “You can just Google some sort of circuit that’s going to include jumping jacks, air squats and stuff like that to help you stay in shape. That’s something that I would suggest doing once a day because you’re not going to get that conditioning from taking those ground ball if you don’t have a park nearby or a set up.”

Is watching what you eat during this time become a priority?

GS: “Oh, yeah, definitely, I think right now, it’s going to be super tempting to grab a bag of chips, or getting bored and going to go pick up some fast food like a pizza. I know when I watch TV, I need something to munch on. and resisting those temptations are going to be hard.”

“What I’m trying to do is I try to pick one or two days a week where I have a cheat meal so I’m not completely going crazy. So, just try your best to stick to a plan.”

FOLLOW TROY HUTCHISON ON TWITTER! writer Troy Hutchison hails from Tucson and is a lifelong Arizona Wildcats follower. He has been involved in sports journalism over the last two years while taking communications courses at Pima Community College.
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