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Southern Arizona High School Football Stats Leaders, Schedule and Coaching Records

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Jovoni Borbon, Buena 320 yds
Connor Alubowicz, Catalina Foothills 263 yds
Ayden Ortiz, Tucson High 229 yds
Esrael Barajas, Cholla 226 yds
Deion Conde, Sunnyside 226 yds
Alex Lopez, Walden Grove 170 yds
A.J. Skaggs, Sabino 152 yards


Kemish Riley, Buena, 2 g, 6 rec, 185 yds, 2 td, 92.5 ypg
Dylan Zamorano, Canyon del Oro, 2 g, 3 rec, 105 yds, 0 td, 52.5 ypg
Keyon Taylor, Buena, 2 g, 5 rec, 100 yds, 1 td, 50.0 ypg
Jesse Avina, Buena, 2 g, 5 rec, 99 yds, 2 td, 49.5 ypg
Moses Nelson, Cholla, 2 g, 4 rec, 92 yds, 2 td, 46.0 ypg
Jesus Buendia, Baboquivari, 2 g, 4 rec, 80 yds, 4 td, 40.0 ypg

A.J. Skaggs (left) with the handoff (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


Izaiah Davis, Sahuaro, 2 g, 35 rush, 365 yds, 182.5 ypg
Lucas Jose, Baboquivari, 2 g, 17 rush, 355 yds, 177.5 ypg
Frank Gonzales, Rio Rico, 2 g, 30 rush, 262 yds, 131.0 ypg
Gavin Davis, Canyon del Oro, 2 g, 39 rush, 256 yds, 128.0 ypg
Cristian Vega, Rio Rico, 2 g, 25 rush, 254 yds, 127.0 ypg
Anton Jose, Baboquivari, 2 g, 29 rush, 212 yds, 106.0 ypg
Hunter Perry, Bisbee, 1 g, 24 rush, 210 yds, 210 ypg
Russell Adams III, Cholla, 2 g, 34 rush, 199 yds, 99.5 ypg
Jamir Gasaway, Sahuaro, 2 g, 7 rush, 198 yds, 99.0 ydg
Gary Love, Tucson High, 2 g, 22 rush, 189 yds, 94.5 ypg
Kiko Trejo, Amphi, 2 g, 15 rush, 167 yds, 83.5 ypg
Serge Gboweiah, Desert View, 1 g, 21 rush, 166 yds, 166.0 ypg


Jovoni Borbon, Buena, 2 g, 402 yds, 201.0 ypg
Izaiah Davis, Sahuaro, 2 g, 365 yds, 182.5 ypg
Lucas Jose, Baboquivari, 2 g, 360 yds, 180.0 ypg
Anton Jose, Baboquivari, 2 g, 337 yds, 168.5 ypg
Connor Alubowicz, Catalina Foothills, 2 g, 330 yds, 165.0 ypg
Cristian Vega, Rio Rico, 2 g, 273 yds, 136.5 ypg
Frank Gonzales, Rio Rico, 2 g, 262 yds, 131.0 ypg
Russell Adams III, Cholla, 2 g, 258 yds, 129.0 ypg
Gavin Davis, Canyon del Oro, 2 g, 256 yds, 128.0 ypg
Ayden Ortiz, Tucson High, 2 g, 255 yds, 127.5 ypg

Buena QB Jovoni Borbon lines up in shotgun (Javier Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


Dylan Cook, Ironwood Ridge 2
Jourin Hicks, Catalina Foothills 2
Many tied with 1


Isaiah Escalante, Amphi 3.0
Zakri Porter-Trainer, Sabino 3.0
Anthony Hogan, Sahuaro 2.5
Daniel Dominguez, Amphi 2.0
Anthony Giarraputo, Sahuarita 2.0
Josiah Medina, Rio Rico 2.0
Armando Ramos, Sahuaro 2.0


Lucas Jose, Baboquivari 42 pts
Gavin Davis, Canyon del Oro 30 pts
Bijan Robinson, Salpointe 30 pts
Anton Jose, Baboquivari 26 pts
Izaiah Davis, Sahuaro 24 pts
Frank Gonzales, Rio Rico, 24 pts
Moses Nelson, Cholla 24 pts
David Alvarado, Canyon del Oro 22 pts
Carson Barney, Benson 22 pts
Elijah Amico, Cienega 18 pts
Gabriel Castro, Pusch Ridge 18 pts
Cristian Gonzales, Sahuarita 18 pts
Jordan Lopez, Walden Grove 18 pts

Bijan Robinson of Salpointe


Lucas Jose, Baboquivari 7
Gavin Davis, Canyon del Oro 5
Bijan Robinson, Salpointe 5
Izaiah Davis, Sahuaro 4
Frank Gonzales, Rio Rico 4
Moses Nelson, Cholla 4
Elijah Amico, Cienega 3
Carson Barney, Benson 3
Gabriel Castro, Pusch Ridge 3
Anton Jose, Baboquivari 3
Jordan Lopez, Walden Grover 3
Cristian Gonzales, Sahuarita 3


6A Alhambra (0-2) at 6A Tucson (1-1) (Region Game)

Tucson is 2-1 against Alhambra dating back to 2007 including a 55-0 win last year. The loss to Pueblo last Friday dropped the Badgers to 1-1 on the year. With 3-4 6A teams predicted to move into the “Open Division,” the Badgers are still in the 6A playoff mix and the team should treat each week as a playoff game from here.

5A Cienega (1-0) at 5A Sunnyslope (0-1)

Cienega beat Sunnyslope 35-7 last year in the first meeting between the two schools. The Bobcats host Centennial next week. As long as the team doesn’t look ahead to that game they should be fine.

5A Ironwood Ridge (1-0) at 5A Millennium (1-0)

Ironwood Ridge lost 30-27 to Millennium last year in the only meeting between the two programs. That loss was part of a three-game skid for the Nighthawks.

Robert Bonillas (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

5A Nogales (1-0) at 5A Desert View (1-0)

Nogales owns a 21-5 record over Desert View but the Jaguars beat the Apaches 21-13 last year. A big win over Sunnyside last week has Desert View thinking good thoughts but both teams need this win to start out 2-0.

5A Rincon/UHS (1-0) at 5A Sunnyside (0-2)

Sunnyside holds a 26-8-2 advantage over Rincon dating back to 1959 including a 56-6 win last year. The Rangers opened up with a win for the first time since 2015 and the Blue Devils are 0-2 for the first time since 2003. Richard Sanchez guided that team to 12 straight wins and a state championship after the two losses.

5A Empire (0-1) at 5A Douglas (1-1)

Empire holds a 5-1 record over Douglas dating back to 2011. The Bulldogs are still trying to recover from an 8-2 season that was shifted to 2-8 after forced forfeits.

5A Flowing Wells (0-2) at Palm Desert (CA) (1-1)

Palm Desert beat Flowing Wells 9-7 last year. The Caballeros haven’t started out 0-3 since 2013. First three games for them this season have been on the road.

Mountain View head coach Matt Johnson (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

5A Mountain View (0-1) at 5A Higley (0-2)

Mountain View lost 39-14 to Higley last year in the only meeting between the two schools. The Mountain Lions started the season out 0-5 last year and Higley made it to the semifinal round but the Knights are 0-2 for the first time since 2010.

5A Cholla (0-2) at 4A Vista Grande (0-2)

Vista Grande beat Cholla 28-14 last year in the first meeting between the two programs.

5A Marana (0-2) at 4A Catalina Foothills (0-2)

Marana holds an 8-6 lead over Catalina Foothills dating back to 1995. Both teams started the 2012 season out 0-3.  

Salpointe ready for action (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

4A Salpointe (1-0) at 4A Desert Edge (2-0)

Salpointe beat Desert Edge 28-21 last year in the first meeting between the two power programs. This game could decide which team has a shot at the Open Division come playoff time.

4A Apache Junction (1-1) at 4A Canyon del Oro (2-0)

Canyon del Oro is 3-0 against Apache Junction including a 55-26 win last year. The Dorados are looking to go 3-0 for the first time since 2010.

4A Pueblo (1-0) at 4A Casa Grande (1-1)

Pueblo is 2-4 against Casa Grande since 1988 including a 26-12 loss last year. Former University of Arizona DB standout Brandon Sanders hopes to guide the Warriors to a 2-0 start for the second time since 2006 but he will be going up against another Wildcat in former CB Randy Robbins. Robbins is the defensive coordinator for the Cougars.

4A Rio Rico (1-1) at 4A Catalina (0-1)

Catalina holds an 11-2 record over Rio Rico including a 30-25 win last year.

4A Palo Verde (1-1) at 3A Sahuarita (0-1)

Sahuarita holds a slim 5-4 lead over Palo Verde dating back to 2007. The Titans scored 61 points against Catalina last week.

4A Amphitheater (1-1) at 3A Tanque Verde (0-1)

Amphitheater beat Tanque Verde 45-0 last year in the only meeting between the two schools. Panther head coach Jorge Mendivil is looking for career win 100.

Rick Botkin (wearing No. 25 in the action photo) was a star quarterback and safety for Sahuaro when he tragically died in an automobile accident during his senior season in 1977. Sahuaro and Sabino will play in the 41st Rick Botkin Memorial Game on Friday (Sahuaro photos)

3A Sabino (1-0) at 4A Sahuaro (2-0)

Sabino holds a 26-15 record over Sahuaro in this rivalry. The Cougars beat Sabino 34-7 in the first win for the Cougars in the series since 2014 and the second time since 2003. This game will be the 41st Annual Rick Botkin Memorial Football Game for Sahuaro.

3A Pusch Ridge (1-0) at 4A Walden Grove (1-0)

Pusch Ridge is 3-1 against Walden Grove but the Red Wolves beat Pusch Ridge 21-0 last year.

2A Benson (1-0) at 2A Morenci (1-0)

Morenci is 17-14 against Benson dating back to 1982. The Bobcats are looking to go 2-0 for the first time since the 13-1 season of 2015.

2A Tombstone (1-0) at 2A San Manuel (0-2)

Tombstone holds an 8-6 record over San Manuel dating back to 2004 including a 36-26 win last year. The Yellow jackets started out 3-0 last year but finished 5-5.

2A Pima (0-1) at 2A Willcox (1-0)

Willcox is 17-2 over Pima since 1985. Willcox hoping to start out 2-0 for only the second time since 2014.

2A Bisbee (1-0) at 2A Globe (1-1)

Globe is 9-8 against Bisbee dating back to 1963. Bisbee went to 2-0 in 2014.

2A Santa Rita (0-1) at 2A San Carlos (0-1)

Santa Rita lost 18-6 to San Carlos last year. The Eagles are on an 0-25 streak that might be broken this week.

2A Santa Cruz (2-0) at 2A Round Valley (0-1)

The series is tied 1-1 with Round Valley pulling off a 20-19 win last year. The Dust Devils are on the road back.

1A Baboquivari (2-0) at 1A Arete Prep (0-2)

With the series tied 1-1, Baboquivari is hoping to start out 3-0 for the first time since 2003.

1A St. David (1-0) at 1A NFL Yet (1-0)

St. David is 3-0 against NFL Yet.

1A Valley Union (1-1) at 1A Joseph City (0-0)

Valley Union is 2-1 over Joseph City over the last three meetings.

BYE: Buena (1-1)


Jorge Mendivil with legendary coach & referee Jerry Gastellum (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Southern Arizona High School Football Coaching Records

List of top Tucson-area high school football coaches and their overall career head coaching records. Compiled and researched by AllSportsTucson.com.
Tom JosephSanta Rita2A170880.65923
Richard SanchezTucson6A161770.67621
Pat NugentMica Mountain5A138570.70818
Chris DetermanBenson2A134821.61820
Matt JohnsonMountain View5A120670.64217
Jorge MendivilAmphi4A107860.55419
Dustin PeaceCDO4A88420.67712
Scott McKeeSahuaro4A82940.46617
Justin ArgravesCienega5A56500.52811
Glenn PoseySunnyside5A53420.55810
Robert BonillasDesert View5A35680.34011
Kevin KuhmRio Rico4A33410.4468
Joe ThomasBuena5A30510.3709
Ryan McBrayerSabino3A29100.7444
Corey NobleWalden Grove4A27100.7304
Scott CorteseFlowing Wells5A19360.3456
Brian VertreesBisbee2A18210.4624
Eric HjalmarsonWillcox2A1790.6543
Braden DavisSt. David1A16160.5004
Jake TeyecheaNogales5A6140.3003
James FitzgeraldSanta Cruz2A8120.4002
Virgil Henderson Cholla5A8240.2504
Kent MiddletonPusch Ridge3A820.8001
Eric RogersSalpointe5A710.8571
Ernie IvySan Manuel2A780.4672
James Hardy Jr.Ironwood Ridge5A580.3852
Pete DelgadoBaboquivari1A440.5002
Mike WellsPalo Verde4A480.3332
Jay DobynsTanque Verde2A3001.0001
Hunter LongDouglas4A380.2732
Brandon GilbrethValley Union1A140.2001
George KellyEmpire5A1100.0912
Jake AllenPueblo4A010.0001
Khyree CopelandRincon/University5A020.0001
Dominik BonillaTombstone2A000.0000
Greg McKinstryCatalina2A000.0000
Jake PriceSahuarita3A000.0000
Daniel SainzCatalina Foothills4A000.0000
Phillip StewardMarana5A000.0000


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