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Arizona Wildcats sophomore sensation Tate qualifies as No. 3 rusher in nation

Arizona sophomore sensation Khalil Tate is catching the nation by storm because not many can catch him.

Washington State’s Jalen Thompson managed to track him down last night when Tate bolted for 82 yards, but other than that, when Tate is off to the races, “he gone”, as the lingo goes these days. He rushed for 146 yards on 13 carries in last night’s 58-37 shootout win over the 15th-ranked Cougars.

For the first time this season, Tate qualifies to be listed in the national rushing charts because he has played in 75 percent of Arizona games. He has been in six of Arizona’s eight games, most notably the last four in which he has rushed for 840 yards on only 59 carries in wins over Colorado, UCLA, California and Washington State.

According to ESPN, no other Power 5 player has rushed for that many yards in October in the last 10 years.

Khalil Tate — Yards Per Game graphic

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Khalil Tate — Average Per Carry graphic

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