1A HOOPS: Gregory School boys win third state title & Baboquivari girls take second place

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The Gregory School boys took their top-seed all the way to the bank on Saturday to capture the third 1A state championship in school history. The Gregory School (29-4) defeated No. 3 Fort Thomas 65-46 at the Prescott Event Center to complete a four-game sweep of the competition by an average margin of victory of almost 18 points.

Leading the way for the Hawks this year was senior stand out Addison Mort. Mort averaged 26 points a game for The Gregory School with junior transfer Tomari Harris pouring in 16 an outing and senior guard Sebastian Quintana doing the same.

Junior Anderson Mort put in 10 points a game and Demari Harris averaged eight. Freshman Brightstar Benson complimented the team with six points.

“It means a lot,” said Addison Mort. “God got us here. Every year I have been here we’ve had the personnel to win it all, we just fell short. This year we were as prepared as ever and were very focused every game we played. My teammates are my family, I love all of them so to win with them was special. Best way to end my career.”

First-year head coach Craig Everson took the program over in the summer after a long and successful coaching career in Wisconsin.

On the girl’s side, No. 4 Baboquivari lost to No. 2 St. Michael 60-44 to earn second place in the 1A bracket.

Baboquivari finished the year 26-4 with sophomore Autumn Nelson leading the team with 14 points a game. It was the first time in the final game in program history for the school located in Sells.


Tucson High (8)
1934: ALL (Rollin T. Gridley)
1942: ALL (Earl McCullar)
1943: ALL (Bud Doolen)
1945: ALL (Bud Doolen)
1948: ALL (Bud Doolen)
1949: 5A (Bud Doolen)
1962: 5A (Tony Morales)
1969: 5A (Tony Morales)

Nogales (5)
1949: 3A (Harry O’Mealy)
1976: 4A (Ray Molera)
1982: 4A (Ray Molera)
1983: 4A (Ray Molera)
2011: 4A-I (Ricardo de la Riva)

Sahuaro (4)
1970: 5A (Dick McConnell)
1982: 5A (Dick McConnell)
2000: 5A (Dick McConnell)
2001: 5A (Dick McConnell)

Marana (3)
1969: 2A (Norm Patton)
1970: 2A (Norm Patton)
1972: 3A (Norm Patton)

The Gregory School (3)
2008: 1A (Paul Baranowski)
2009: 1A (Paul Baranowski)
2018: 1A (Craig Everson)

Bisbee (2)
1930: ALL (Francis Alexander)
1994: 2A (Vince Creviston)

Buena (2)
1969: 4A (Don Harris)
1970: 4A (Don Harris)

Canyon del Oro (2)
1977: 4A (John Tissaw)
1978: 4A (John Tissaw)

Flowing Wells (2)
1963: 3A (Ed Nymeyer)
1968: 3A (Ed Nymeyer)

Green Fields (2)
1990: 1A (Bill Ludeke)
1991: 1A (Brian Peabody)

Pueblo (2)
1977: 5A (Roland LaVetter)
1978: 5A (Roland LaVetter)

Santa Rita (2)
1999: 4A (Jim Ferguson)
2010: 4A-II (Jim Ferguson)

St. David (2)
1998: 1A (John Bryant)
2002: 1A (John Bryant)

Ajo (1)
1987: 1A (Bo Whitelock)

Amphitheater (1)
2011: 4A-II (Ben Hurley)

Benson (1)
1971: 1A (Jack Wilson)

Catalina (1)
1963: 5A (Galen Klintner)

Cholla (1)
1992: 4A (Paul Dull)

Desert Christian (1)
2001: 1A (Chris Walter)

Douglas (1)
1932: ALL (Milt Morse)

Ironwood Ridge (1)
2008: 5A-II (Brian Peabody)

Rincon (1)
1965: 5A (Dick King)

Rio Rico (1)
2004: 3A (John Fanning)

Sunnyside (1)
1993: 4A (Dwight Rees)

Valley Union (1)
1985: 1A (LW Jackson)

Willcox (1)
1979: 3A: (Greg Lasley)


Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and he was awarded the Ray McNally Award in 2017 and he has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here and on Andy was named a Local Hero by the Tucson Weekly for 2016. Contact Andy Morales at


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