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Social Media Reactions of Arizona Wildcats’ Loss to ASU

The questions will last from now until spring practice in about five months:

Will Khalil Tate return for his senior season?

Will freshman quarterback sensation Grant Gunnell get a fair shake to compete for a role with or without Tate?

Will Marcel Yates be back as defensive coordinator? Arizona was ranked No. 96 in total defense entering the game, allowing 434.8 yards a game. The Wildcats played well defensively against ASU for three quarters but could not withstand the Sun Devils in the fourth quarter. ASU had seven of its 20 first downs in the fourth quarter.

Will Arizona’s recruiting effort be one of Kevin Sumlin’s high standards?

Those are longstanding questions. The questions over Arizona’s execution, or lack thereof, in the fourth quarter in today’s 41-40 loss to ASU do not have the same magnitude. They may linger, gnawing at Sumlin, his staff and returning players (whoever that might include):

Why the early two-point conversion attempts, both of which failed and came back to haunt Arizona?

Why the conservative play (including a prevent defense) after taking a 40-21 lead?

How tough was it for two fumbles by ASU to be recovered by the Sun Devils deep in their territory when the Wildcats failed to pounce on them? The Sun Devils managed to get two turnovers on Arizona’s side of the field in the fourth quarter that led to 10 points.

Sumlin walked slowly side-by-side with Arizona athletic director Dave Heeke down the hallway at the Lowell-Stevens building following the post game press conference. Heeke listened to Sumlin talk about the game instead of the other way around. Make no mistake, Sumlin has control of this program. Heeke will not (and should not) get in his way.

What does that mean in 2019 and beyond?

That’s another important question.

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