Arizona Bowl

Local School Districts Benefit from NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl Tickets Sold

Another reason why the Tucson community should rally behind the NOVA Home Loans Arizona Bowl — the amount of revenue that can be generated for local school districts.

The Tucson Unified, Amphitheater and Pima County Community Foundation school districts have partnered with the Arizona Bowl to sell tickets for the game through Ticketmaster. The Salpointe, Sahuarita and Pima County JTED districts sold the tickets manually to students, faculty, families and alumni.

All of the tickets provided to the school districts cost $25 for the top deck on the east side of the stadium. The districts keep $20 for each of the tickets sold for special project needs.

“Schools will get to keep nearly all of the revenue generated from their tickets sales and they actually have an added incentive to make sure that people actually go and sit in those seats. So we’re excited, I know they are going to fill up that top deck for us,” said Kym Adair, the Executive Director of Nova Home Loans, told KGUN-TV.

Adair told KGUN that the partnership with school districts gives “money back to charity.”

“We need to get the school districts involved they need some of these dollars for their schools,” Adair added.

“I want to direct the money at student activities,” TUSD superintendent Gabriel Trujillo told KGUN of the money generated from sales. “I would love to (use) the money (for) our extra curricular, athletic programs and fine arts program. We have a lot of need with instruments, a lot of need with uniforms, with athletic equipment.

“I want to support the arts and I want to support athletics.”

To order the tickets to benefit local school districts, visit the Ticketmaster site and enter the correct code in the “Enter Offer Code” box.

Here are the codes:

“TUSD” — Tucson Unified School District

“AMPHI” — Amphitheater School District

“PCCF” — Pima County Community Foundation

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