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Izaiah’s Insights: Practicing Hard, Family Time and Also Watching “Fast and The Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw” at the West Regional

Izaiah Moraga

Editor’s note: Sunnyside Little League first baseman/pitcher Izaiah Moraga, with support from his parents Karla and Ernest, has agreed to write a journal about his experience as he and his teammates (ages 11 and 12) participate in the West Regional tournament at San Bernardino, Calif., and perhaps beyond at the Little League World Series at Williamsport, Pa.

Wednesday at 7:25 a.m. we all woke up to go eat a good breakfast. Later that day, around 9 a.m., we went to hit in the cages for about a good hour and a half. After, we went to go watch the new Fast and the Furious movie Hobbs and Shaw. The coaches took us there to get our minds off the game for a little and to relax. About 2 hours after the movie, we all started to get ready for the game, so we went to go hit for 30 minutes.

Izaiah Moraga with his parents Karla and Ernie Moraga. Ernie, a coach with Sunnyside, was a standout with Sunnyside Little League and Sunnyside High School before playing in college (Moraga family photo).

When we got to the game against Southern California, we weren’t really as nervous as before because we knew there might not be a tomorrow. I started the game as the pitcher. I held them for 4 straight innings then right then and there I knew I released the ball too high and the kid hit it over. Then somehow I finished the inning. Then the next inning, Damian Lorta hit one out for us and gave us the lead 4-1. Then in the 5th inning he hit another one over. One of our outfielders missed the ball and that error allowed 3 runs in. Then they scored off of base hits and the score was now 8-5 us. The exact same inning we brought in Bebo, such known as Fransisco Rivero, came in and let in 1 run. We were still in the lead but needed to get 3 outs to continue in the tournament. Then God came to our side and let us get the 3 outs. We won 8-6 to advance. After the game, we said bye to each other and then hi to our parents. Some of us called them and some said hi in person.

Izaiah Moraga is a seventh grade student at Gallego Intermediate in the Sunnyside School District (Moraga photo)

Yesterday morning, we woke up late, ate breakfast and went to practice for a good 3-4 hours. We mostly worked on defense then ended off with hitting off the coaches. Some of us made the adjustment and some didn’t. When we got back to the barracks, we ate lunch and then our coaches let us spend time with our families. Last night, we went back to the complex and watched the game of Hawaii vs Northern Cal to see who we play tonight in the semifinals. I am looking forward to being able play in the semifinal. I hope our bats stay alive and our defense can stay solid, so we can advance to Saturdays championship game. This is what we have been working for.

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