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Senior Letter to Class of 2020: The Gregory School’s Marina Sandoval has reached out for high school seniors to write the class of 2020 a letter during this unique time of their schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s letter was written by The Gregory School volleyball and basketball standout Marina Sandoval, who will next attend Arizona and study in the College of Medicine.

Marina Sandoval (Andy Morales/

To the Class of 2020,

We have all come to see that we are not the “average” graduating class, which is amazing. We are meant to shine differently as we have in high school, as we are during our various ceremonies, and as we will in the years to come. Because let’s face it, this is only the beginning of all the exceptional things to come for all of us.

The Gregory School has readied us, some since 6th grade and some since freshman year, for the world to come. Our small community has given their all to us and only want to see us succeed. Everything from tutorials to Friday Explorations catered to our interests has only further prepared us for what the world has to offer beyond high school.

For all that the faculty has done for us, we say thank you. For the hours contributed to us in and outside of school, we say thank you to our coaches. The Class of 2020 cannot feel content when simply using the word “coach” because our coaches were so much more than that. They were our mentors, our families.

It’s nearly impossible to contemplate that in a year we will all be on our own path, readying to do what we love and give back to society, but we have to say goodbye. This is goodbye to a chapter of our lives that I know we all cherished and enjoyed, but not to worry: there are so many more adventures to seek. Congratulations to the graduating class of 2020. You will go down in history as the quarantined graduates. Never to be forgotten.


Marina Sandoval, The Gregory School Class of 2020

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