Jake’s Jaguars Update: Tomorrow is the Day!

(Jake’s Photos)

Day 6: The day before the National Championship game!

We started off the day with a team breakfast. Today was mainly a rest and recover day. After breakfast we came back to the hotel to do schoolwork and rest. After we finished our schoolwork we ate lunch and then went to a movie.

Since my dad and I both have a big game tomorrow we went on a zoom with Jason Barr and talked about what that meant for us. It feels amazing and I feel blessed to have been this far in this tournament and to to be able to play in a national championship game while my dad is playing a state championship game. I know my team and I are ready for this game and have been preparing for it for over 1 year. Our coaches have prepared us well and we are ready for game time.

Jake with his father, Salpointe head coach Eric Rogers.
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