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Historic accomplishments for former Arizona Wildcats with Golden State NBA title



Golden State's regular-season MVP Stephen Curry (left) and NBA Finals MVP  Andre Iguodala (ESPN screen shot)

Golden State’s regular-season MVP Stephen Curry (left) and NBA Finals MVP Andre Iguodala (ESPN screen shot)

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Arizona Wildcats legend Steve Kerr knows what it takes to win a lot of games including championships.

The Arizona Wildcats star is now part of the top three teams in NBA history in terms of overall victories in a season. The Chicago Bulls and Kerr won 87 games in 1995-96 when it took home the NBA title. The next season they won 84 games en route to the title.

Kerr tonight coached Golden State to an NBA title, capping a season with 83 victories, following those two Michael Jordan-led Bulls teams.

After the victory tonight, Kerr lauded former Arizona Wildcats standout Andre Iguodala for making the ultimate sacrifice and play as a reserve the entire season. Iguodala’s season-high 25 points tonight propelled Golden State to a 105-97 win and solidified his opportunity to claim the NBA Finals MVP.

He is the first Arizona Wildcats player to earn that honor.

“For us, it’s really fitting that the award went to Andre because he sacrificed his starting role from the first game of the season,” Kerr said in the postgame press conference. “He never came off the bench once in his entire career.

“He sacrificed that job to make Harrison (Barnes) better and to make our bench better. It set the tone for the whole season. … An all-star, an Olympian, saying, ‘It’s OK, I’ll come off the bench.’ It set the tone for everything we were able to accomplish. So it feels like full circle, to me, that Andre received the award. Couldn’t have happened to a better person.”

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