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Arizona Wildcats NBA Draft All-Overlooked Team

[tps_title]JUD BUECHLER, SF, 6’6″, 220[/tps_title]

[tps_header]1990 second round (No. 38 overall)[/tps_header]

Taken by: Seattle

NBA duration: 12 seasons, 710 games played.

Facts: Who would have thought that Buechler would last in the NBA as long as Sean Elliott did? Both lasted 12 seasons. Buechler bide his time at Arizona for three years behind Elliott at the small forward position before becoming a senior captain in 1989-90. The more publicized Lionel “Train” Simmons of LaSalle at small forward was taken as the No. 7 pick overall in the same draft. Simmons was around five less seasons than Buechler, a three-time world champion.

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