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Arizona Wildcats Recruiting Football Friday: ASU keeping in contact with high-profile UA recruit

[tps_title]Tyliek Raynor, Running Back[/tps_title]

[tps_header]Philadelphia Imhotep[/tps_header]

Arizona commit Tyliek Raynor got plenty of publicity from the Philadelphia Inquirer last week in Ihmotep’s 36-6 win over Simon Gratz last week in Philadelphia.

Raynor broke free for a 58-yard touchdown run on the first play from scrimmage and went 57 yards on his next attempt. Raynor, who was slowed in the preseason by a hamstring injury, carried 15 times for 169 yards.

“I worked extra hard over the summer,” Raynor told the Inquirer. “I want to be the best running back in the city this year. I don’t want to be average.”

Raynor chose Arizona over runners-up Temple and West Virginia. Boston College, Buffalo, Old Dominion, Purdue, and Wake Forest were also in the mix.

“He’s a flat-out difference maker,” Imhotep coach Albie Crosby said. “And he’s a quiet leader. The guys believe in him and follow him.”

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