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Yikes! Arizona is 0-2 with no answers in sight

This didn’t look good. Clearly, it didn’t pass the eye test.

Had Arizona’s performance had an odor, it wouldn’t have passed the smell test either. As for heart test, well, we have time to evaluate that after Arizona’s less-than-inspiring 45-16 performance against Houston on Saturday morning.

How was your brunch, Arizona fans? Arizona’s second serving of football was less than appetizing even after last week’s dud. The Wildcats repeated it with a big, um, (place your own word here).

“Everyone expects to be 2-0 at the beginning of the season,” UA’s Colin Schooler told reporters in Houston. “I don’t care where you’re from, or who you play. I can say, I didn’t expect to be 2-0.”

Kevin Sumlin at his first Arizona practice. (Photo courtesy of Matt Moreno/

Who did? Arizona has now lost five consecutive games. Yikes!

It is now 0-2 for the first time since 1981. Where were you in 1981?

Fast forward to now and who knows where the program is right now? It doesn’t look like anything good is going to happen, although seemingly less-talented Southern Utah comes into Arizona Stadium next week. And, then Arizona faces Oregon State in two weeks. Arizona should beat FBC-member Southern Utah (if it doesn’t there will be major concerns) and then comes Oregon State (and who knows there?).

Arizona fans – such as they are being fickle and all – are already up in arms about what’s happening. Their concerns are legitimate. Where has Khalil Tate gone? Two games and 22 yards rushing. Yikes! Say what you want about his injury, he was still healthy enough to play nearly the whole game.

Clearly, Arizona has a defense that must have read about its potential and, well, couldn’t handle it. It surely hasn’t lived up to any of it. And yes, there are injuries that have limited the defense but 29 points in difference? The defense has been uninspiring and there’s not sign it’ll get better, even if there is a return of Jace Whitaker and Scottie Young, Jr. (Both absent Saturday).

How’s this for an evaluation? Arizona just isn’t good whether you want to blame the talent it has on its roster (it still must play with it) or whether new coach Kevin Sumlin isn’t getting to them. Some would by now. He apparently hasn’t … and it could be a long year.

Schooler said Saturday’s game will show what type of team Arizona has.

“Anytime there is a coaching change I think you expect that,” Sumlin said, referring to growing pains. “You look at where we are right now, we have four new linemen … we’re currently not the team we want to be, but it’s a work in progress.”

With much progress needed. Two games in and it doesn’t look good.

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