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Oh, well … another UA game means another loss

Oh, well. Another loss means Arizona goes to 18 and oh over the last two years.

Arizona’s 34 to oh loss has brought the Wildcats to this: Another woeful performance and against a team many thought it would be UA’s best chance at a victory this season.

Oh, well.

On to the next one and next week’s next best chance in Washington on Friday night at Arizona Stadium, where – oh, my – some are thinking only 10,000 fans will show up to support the Wildcats.

Oh, no!

But, we’ll get there when we get there. Oh, by the way, UA hadn’t been shutout since 2012.

It didn’t have to come to that given Arizona had a shot against Colorado on Saturday … until it didn’t. Arizona was close at 6-0 at the half.

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It could have been much better but Arizona – once again – couldn’t find the endzone from the 1-yard line. It failed on four attempts and that’s when the bottom officially fell out.

By the way, is Arizona allergic to the endzone? Seems to be the case all season.

“Not a good football game by us,” Arizona coach Jedd Fisch said in his postgame radio show on AM 1290. “Defensively, I thought we did a good job (but, offensively) we couldn’t punch it in from the 1.”

And, of course, the defense can only do so much. It finally broke in Boulder.

Still, Arizona’s offense has been broken all season. The play calling has been suspect and the personal Fisch has to run it, is well, suspect as well. Dink and dunks and sweeps – yawn – aren’t cutting it.

It’s just what happens when you are in college football’s worst losing streak.

“I need to coach a lot better; our staff needs to coach a lot better; our players need to continue to improve so we can play better,” Fisch said in a self-reflection.

Saturday, despite playing close in the first half – and with that chance to take a lead – Arizona’s second half performance was as thin as the Colorado air.

And it wasn’t that Colorado suffocated the Cats, instead it was Arizona that stifled itself with poor play and mediocre moments.

It suffered its second blocked punt for a TD this season and second pick six. And those are just two of the many.

The Oregon game seems so long ago – when there was a time UA fans felt some hope of improvement after what looked like a nice showing (for some of the game).

But – as I’ve said 100s of times – every game is a season and Saturday’s season showed regression.

Fans are showing depression. It’s been 740-something days since Arizona celebrated a win. How much fun can that be, to watch your Cats with a hopeful and faithful eye only to see a shutout in a game that you thought was winnable?

What was not that much of a surprise was Gunner Cruz proved to be ineffective behind center and now could be lost for the season with what looked like a thumb or hand injury. Fisch said that on the radio show.

“That’s a tough one for the team to handle (more) adversity,” Fisch said.

That’s two QBs down and Will Plummer in to try to prepare to move the ball and hopes forward. So far, Plummer hasn’t been the one to fix the sink, um, decline.

He couldn’t Saturday. And here Arizona is oh and 6 for the season and looking like it could oh-fer for the remainder of the schedule. Oh well.

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