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Success-starved Arizona victorious in six previous matchups against double-digit seeded team in second round of NCAA tourney

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G: Games played. S: Number of starts.
BP: Bench points. A player gets three points if he is first off the bench, two if second and one if third. Shows Sean Miller’s rotation.
BEL: Productivity points against Belmont
BMIN: Minutes played against Belmont
PP: Productivity Points (Points, assists, rebounds, steals, blocked shots, FGs made, FTs made added together and then subtracted by missed FGs, missed FTs, personal fouls and turnovers)
TMIN: Minutes played overall
PR: Productivity rating per minute played (Productivity points divided by minutes played)
NOTE: Player must average at least 10 minutes a game to be listed in primary rotation


Arizona, which beat No. 11 seed Belmont Thursday and faces No. 14 Harvard on Saturday, has played two double-digit seeds in the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament five times previously.

One of those years included Arizona’s national championship run of 1997 and another involved the Wildcats’ appearance in the 2001 national championship.

The UA, seeded No. 4 in 1997, beat No. 13 South Alabama in the first round and followed that with a victory over No. 12 College of Charleston. The Wildcats played College of Charleston by virtue of the Cougars’ upset of fifth-seed Maryland in the first round.

Arizona, seeded No. 2 in 2001, defeated No. 15 Eastern Illinois in the first round before beating No. 10 Butler in the second round. Butler played the Wildcats after upsetting No. 7 seed Wake Forest in the first round.

The other years the Wildcats faced two double-digit seeds to start the tournament were 1991 (No. 15 St. Francis, Pa., and No. 10 BYU), 2002 (No. 14 Cal-Santa Barbara and No. 11 Wyoming) and 2005 (No. 14 Utah State and No. 11 Alabama-Birmingham). Arizona advanced to the Sweet 16 in 1991 and 2002 and reached the Elite Eight in 2005.

Arizona is actually 6-0 playing a double-digit seed in the second round. The Wildcats beat No. 13 seed Cleveland State in 2009 after defeating No. 5 seed Utah in the first round. UA coach Sean Miller is now 7-0 against lower-seeded teams in the NCAA tournament dating back to his Xavier tenure. The Wildcats look to extend both streaks against Harvard with what some of them called a chip on their shoulders after losing to UCLA in the Pac-12 tournament.

Many pundits picked Belmont to upset Arizona although the Bruins were 0-5 in their five previous NCAA tournament appearances. Harvard won its first NCAA tournament game in school history with its 68-62 triumph over No. 4 New Mexico 68-62 Thursday night in Salt Lake City.

Belmont coach Rick Byrd went so far as to say that he is more impressed watching the Wildcats in person than what he saw on film before the game.

“I was more impressed with the team that I saw tonight than I was in scouting them,” Byrd said in the post-game press conference. “I thought they were more engaged and more focused, and I think if they play that way they can beat a lot of people.”

Miller responded: “I need to ask him what games he was watching. That will help me. I could see his point. You think, the one thing about our team that’s deceptive is we’re bigger and more physical than we get credit for.”

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The Wildcats played one of their most productive games of the season in many facets, most notably rebounding (44-18 edge) against a smaller Belmont team and shooting from the field (56.9 percent for the game, 67.9 percent in the second half).

UA freshman center Kaleb Tarczewski, a 7-footer who took advantage of his size against Belmont, was the most efficient Wildcat with 21 productivity points in 20 minutes. (For definition of productivity points see glossary).

Kaleb Tarczewski dominated as he should against Belmont's smaller frontcourt

Kaleb Tarczewski dominated as he should against Belmont’s smaller frontcourt

Tarczewski made all five of his field goal attempts, grabbed eight rebounds and scored 12 points. Senior guard Mark Lyons (27 productivity points in 34 minutes) and senior forward Kevin Parrom (26 productivity points in 30 minutes) also were major contributors.

“I said it all year long … it’s confidence, that’s the biggest thing he brings to this team, brings to me, a young player that has gone through some issues,” sophomore guard Nick Johnson said of Lyons. “So I mean, that’s my big brother and that’s the best thing.”

Lyons ended his personal frustration in opening round NCAA tournament games that he endured in his previous three seasons at Xavier. He made 8 of 15 field-goal attempts and 4 of 5 from the free-throw line in his 23-point performance against Belmont. Lyons was a combined 7 of 22 with 16 points in the previous three opening-round matchups against Minnesota, Marquette and Notre Dame while at Xavier.

“I’m very motivated, not just (with) Mark, but Solomon (Hill) and Kevin,” Miller told reporters. “Those guys mean a lot to us (and) to me because a long time ago, when we ventured out to Arizona, we needed people to believe in us without a lot of evidence.


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Solomon Hill is on the brink of joining an elite group of scorers and rebounds in UA history

Solomon Hill needs eight points and three rebounds to join Arizona’s 20-10 Club

Hill is eight points from No. 20 career scoring leader Joe Noels, who had 1,409 points from 1976-80. He is three rebounds shy of No. 10 career rebounding leader Jordan Hill (no relation), who produced 763 from 2006-09.

Defensive Rebounding Percentage (DRB%): Determined by dividing Arizona’s defensive rebounds (32 against Belmont) by the opposition’s offensive rebounds (the Bruins had only four) added to Arizona’s defensive rebounds (32) — 32/(4 + 32) = season-high 88.9 percent.

Offensive Rebounding Percentage (ORB%): Determined by taking Arizona’s offensive rebound total (12) divided by that total (12) and the defensive rebounds of the opponent (14 for Belmont) — 12/(12 + 14) = 46.2 percent.

Ideal marks are 72 percent DRB% and 38 percent ORB%.

NEXT UP: Arizona vs. Harvard, March 23
Arizona 81, Belmont 64
— Kaleb Tarczewski 21 PP/20 MIN
UCLA 66, Arizona 64
— Brandon Ashley 21 PP/25 MIN
Arizona 79, Colorado 69
— Nick Johnson 29 PP/35 MIN
Arizona 73, ASU 58
— Nick Johnson 28 PP/36 MIN
UCLA 74, Arizona 69
— Grant Jerrett 25 PP/24 MIN
USC 89, Arizona 78
— Solomon Hill 31 PP/38 MIN
Arizona 73, Washington State 56
— Kevin Parrom 32 PP/33 MIN
Arizona 70, Washington 52
— Solomon Hill 29 PP/33 MIN
Arizona 68, Utah 64
— Brandon Ashley 18 PP/22 MIN
Colorado 71, Arizona 58
— Angelo Chol 14 PP/20 MIN
California 77, Arizona 69
— Brandon Ashley 21 PP/29 MIN
Arizona 73, Stanford 66
— Mark Lyons 41 PP/36 MIN
Arizona 79, Washington State 65
— Mark Lyons 22 PP/23 MIN
Arizona 57, Washington 53
— Nick Johnson 26 PP/34 MIN
Arizona 74, USC 50
— Solomon Hill 22 PP/24 MIN
UCLA 84, Arizona 73
— Nick Johnson 29 PP/33 MIN
Arizona 71, Arizona State 54
— Mark Lyons 34 PP/31 MIN
Arizona 80, Oregon State 70
— Brandon Ashley 19 PP/22 MIN
Oregon 70, Arizona 66
— Mark Lyons 24 PP/37 MIN
Arizona 60, Utah 57
— Solomon Hill 29 PP/35 MIN
Arizona 92, Colorado 83 (OT)
— Kevin Parrom 28 PP/34 MIN
Arizona 68, San Diego State 67
— Kevin Parrom 28 PP/26 MIN
Arizona 69, Miami 50
— Kevin Parrom 21 PP/21 MIN
Arizona 73, East Tennessee State 53
— Brandon Ashley 27 PP/22 MIN
Arizona 89, Oral Roberts 64
— Grant Jerrett 24 PP/21 MIN
Arizona 65, Florida 64
— Solomon Hill 31 PP/37 MIN
Arizona 66, Clemson 54
— Mark Lyons 30 PP/33 MIN
Arizona 63, Southern Mississippi 55
— Kevin Parrom 19 PP/30 MIN
Arizona 85, Texas Tech 57
— Solomon Hill 26 PP/26 MIN
Arizona 93, NAU 50
— Nick Johnson 27 PP/22 MIN
Arizona 94, Long Beach State 72
— Brandon Ashley 40 PP/24 MIN
Arizona 72, UTEP 51
— Mark Lyons 21 PP/25 MIN
Arizona 82, Charleston Southern 73
— Brandon Ashley 26 PP/24 MIN

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