Former Arizona Wildcats offer their thanks on Thanksgiving Day


RECENT CANCER SURVIVOR: Steve Justice, long snapper (1983-85)
“My first start at the U of A was against Utah State (I played center). We beat them 45-10. My dad was at that game (my parents came to most home and away games). After we beat them, my dad somehow got on the field. When he saw me, he gave the biggest hug of my life. He was one proud father. I will never forget that moment. Also, FYI, per all my doctors, I am cancer free!”

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“What I was most thankful for during my UA football experience was that coaches and players made sure everyone had somewhere to spend Thanksgiving Day before the ASU game. Being an Arizona native I brought players home with me my senior year. Coach (Larry) Smith was gracious to let me bring players home and that was awesome.”
Randy Robbins, cornerback (1980-83)

“The thing that I am most thankful for during my 25-year membership of the U of A is my coaches, teammates and admin staff. I made the life long friendships that just can’t be had in normal everyday life. It may sound cliché but it is true. From the managers to the training staff to the AD to the coaches and teammates. I am still very good friends with all of them and thank and honor them by using the character developed at the U of A in my everyday life as a parent, a professional and an alumni.”
Heath Bray, defensive back (1989-92)


“Now that I’m almost 50, I am so thankful for all my teammates during my years at Arizona. I love them all and wish them the best the world has to offer and then some.”
David Adams, running back (1984-86)


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“I am thankful for the lifelong friendships that I made with my fellow teammates and the stories that we can share now when I see them again. We had each other’s back — very similar to the close knit bond that is shared by the military and their band of brotherhood. Not that I would disrespect the military because nothing would be close to that type of brotherhood but I can understand why they were so close in battle. To some degree we went to battle and we did it together. Nobody can take that away from us.”
Paul Tofflemire, center (1988-91)

“I am thankful for all the great memories, great friends, loyal fans and all the love I get every year we play ASU.”
Max Zendejas, place kicker (1982-85)

LaMonte Hunley

“I’m most thankful for the teammates and friends and that I have continued to be in their lives.”
LaMonte Hunley, linebacker (1981-84)



“The one thing I’m thankful for is the opportunity to be granted a full scholarship to play football for such a wonderful coach Larry Smith and beating USC, Notre Dame and Arizona State. This man is responsible for bringing me from a very bad situation. He took a risk on an inner-city kid from Washington D.C., and all he wanted in return was that I give my very best in the classroom, community and on the football field. What came next I would have never imagined. I gained a wealth of long-term friendship and great teammates. I also received my Bachelor’s degree in Business and Public Administration and I also received a Master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling in Education from the University of Arizona. Football teaches discipline, work ethic, commitment and responsibility and it builds character and self-esteem. I’m grateful and thankful my coach Larry Smith and the University of Arizona. BEAR DOWN!”
Julius Holt, linebacker (1981-82)

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“I am thankful for: My teammates and coaches. I have forgotten most of the wins and great plays, but my teammates and the love we have for each other is what has stood the test of time.”
Jay Dobyns, receiver (1982-84)

“I am most thankful for the relationships that I had during my UA experience. The players, the coaches, the fans, and the Tucson community are great memories of my time at the UA. I also met my wife at the UA, so I will always be thankful for my time as a Wildcat!!!!!”
Doug Pfaff, place kicker (1988-89)

“I am obviously thankful for my education as well as the great memories of my time there. I am thankful for all my coaches and the lesson they instilled. Coach Tomey was a great blessing and the greatest example of being a man and caring about people and the details of life I could have had. What an exceptional father figure for all of us.”
Vincent Smith, offensive lineman (1990-92)


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“I’m thankful No. 1 for the opportunity to play at Arizona and for its great fans. No. 2, I’m thankful for the coaches, support staff and especially all of my teammates. There wasn’t a better bunch of guys that are still some of my closest friends to this day!!”
Brant Boyer, linebacker (1992-93)

“What am I most thankful for: The brotherhood with my teammates and coaches. We recently had two chances to get together, at (Dick) Tomey’s 75th birthday party back in April and at Homecoming a couple weeks ago. There were guys I hadn’t seen in 20 years, but it didn’t matter. We simply picked up where we left off, like it was yesterday.”
Warner Smith, offensive lineman (1991-94)

“I am most thankful for being a Wildcat, never losing to our rival during my time and having the teammates that I battled with.”
Doug Penner, offensive lineman (1985-88)



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