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Five off-the-beaten-path storylines of NAU Lumberjacks at Arizona Wildcats

[tps_title]Hall’s well that ends well?[/tps_title]

With Adam Hall’s cousin, Derik Hall, on the NAU roster it brings to mind the former heavy-hitting Arizona safety.

Rich Rodriguez and Adam had an enigmatic relationship, one that ended in 2012 before Hall could play in Rodriguez’s first season as coach.

With Hall missing from practice, Rodriguez was quoted as saying by the Arizona Daily Star: “Maybe he’s doing rehab or something like that, but I haven’t seen him as part of our daily program. It’s been about a month. I’ve been working with the guys who have been here every day.”

Hall, a Palo Verde High School standout, suffered two torn ACL injuries and his promising Arizona career unfortunately never blossomed.

When I ran a supportive Facebook post of B.J. Denker in 2013, after one of Denker’s better performances, Hall responded adamantly that sophomore quarterback Javelle Allen should be the starter at that position instead.

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