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Arizona Wildcats pregame to-do list against NAU



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Kickoff between Arizona and NAU is only a few hours away and the Wildcat fans are in the midst of tailgating.

What are they talking about?

What should they be talking about?

Perusing the Pac-12 stats, I looked at how Arizona compares to other teams in an unscientific way. None of the conference teams have faced each other yet so the numbers are all based on how they have fared against a variety of non-conference opponents — some great, good, not great and bad.

In most cases, a look at the stats is not necessary. The arm-chair quarterbacks already have an idea about what is right and wrong with Rich Rodriguez’s 20th-ranked team.

We already know how talented Nick Wilson is and that Anu Solomon shows great promise with a deep receiving unit (although he is lacking on his overall passing yards).

What should the tailgaters be talking about while downing a grilled hamburger and sipping on a beer? Answer: What they want to see out of the Wildcats in a few hours before they start Pac-12 play next week against No. 10 UCLA at Arizona Stadium.

The following slides indicate the areas the Wildcats need to show improvement in offense, defense and special teams tonight against NAU. CLICK ON THE NEXT ARROW TO THE RIGHT TO CONTINUE


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