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Ka'Deem Carey

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Mario Bates, Arizona State: Saints, Cardinals, Lions (1994-2000) Arena (1992)
Michael Bates, Arizona: Seahawks, Browns, Panthers, Redskins (1992-2003)
Jeff Colter, Kansas: Vikings, Chiefs (1984-87)
Riki Ellison, USC: 49ers, Raiders (1983-92)
SUPER BOWLS 1985, 1989, 1990
Jim Krohn, Arizona: CFL (1980)
Sam Merriman, Idaho: Seahawks (1983-87)
Jon Volpe, Stanford: CFL (1991-94)

Mitch Hoopes, Arizona: Cowboys, Oilers, Chargers, Lions (1975-77) USFL (83)

Laurence Gibson, Virginia Tech: Cowboys, Chiefs (2015-prest)
John Rade, Boise State: Falcons (1983-91)

Canyon del Oro
Ka’Deem Carey, Arizona: Bears (2014-present)
Pete Shufelt, UTEP: Giants (1984)
Kevin Thomas, Arizona State: Buccaneers (1988) Arena (1992-95)

Rich Griffith, Arizona: Patriots, Jaguars (1993-2000)

Catalina Foothills
Josh Brisco, San Diego: Arena (2007)

Vance Johnson, Arizona: Broncos, Chargers (1985-95)
SUPER BOWLS 1986, 1987, 1989
Mike Scurlock, Arizona: Rams, Panthers (1995-99)

Gilbert Dawson, Texas: Packers (1953)

Paul Robinson, Arizona: Bengals, Oilers (1968-73)

Danny Villa, Arizona State: Patriots, Phoenix Cardinals, Chiefs, Panthers

Palo Verde
Jim Arneson, Arizona: Cowboys, Browns, Redskins (1973-75)
Mark Arneson, Arizona: St. Louis Cardinals (1972-80)

David Eldridge, Arizona: CFL (1990) Arena (1992)
Bill McKinley, Arizona: Bills (1971-72)
Leonard Thompson, Oklahoma State: Lions (1975-86)

Cole Ford, USC: Raiders, Bills (1995-98)
Jeff Kiewel, Arizona: Falcons (1985-87)
Brian Poli-Dixon, UCLA: Arena (2006)
Brooks Reed, Arizona: Oilers, Falcons (2011-present)

Mike Freeman, Arizona: Broncos, Raiders (1984-88)
Steve McLaughlin, Arizona: Rams (1995) Arena (1998-05)
John Mistler, Arizona State: Giants, Bills, Outlaws (1981-85)
Rodney Peete, USC: Lions, Cowboys, Eagles, Redskins, Raiders, Panthers (1989-2004)

San Manuel
Sonny Campbell, NAU: Falcons (1970-72)
Rex Mirich, NAU: Raiders, Broncos, Patriots (1964-70)
Warner Smith, Arizona: Colts (1995) Arena (1997)

John Fina, Arizona: Bills, Cardinals (1992-2002)
SUPER BOWLS 1992, 1993
Frank Garcia, Arizona: Seahawks, Buccaneers (1981-87)

Santa Cruz
Mossy Cade, Texas: Packers (1985-86) USFL (84)
Levi Jones, Arizona State: Bengals, Redskins (2002-09)
Art Malone, Arizona State: Falcons, Eagles (1970-76)
Ben Malone, Arizona State: Dolphins, Redskins (1974-79)

David Adams, Arizona: Dallas (1987)
Jerry Beasley, Arizona: CFL (1989-90)
George Duarte, NAU: Bears (1987)
Harry Holt, Arizona: BC Lions, Browns, Chargers (1978-87)
Jon Horton, Arizona: CFL (1987)
Freddie Sims, Oklahoma: CFL (1985-87)
Grey Cup 1985
Michael Smith, Utah State: Buccaneers, Jets (2012-14)

Tucson High
Lewis Cook, Idaho State: CFL (1970-77)
Grey Cup 1970
Mike Dawson, Arizona: St. Louis Cardinals, Lions, Chiefs (1976-84)
Fred Enke, Arizona: Lions, Eagles, Colts (1948-1954)
Sean Harris, Arizona: Bears, Colts (1995-2001)
Osia Lewis, Oregon State: CFL (1986) Arena (1987-90)
Earle Nolan, Arizona: Chicago Cardinals (1937-38)

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