Southern Arizona All-Time Basketball Teams, Part II


Tanque Verde's Gabe Gaxiola (Andy Morales/

Tanque Verde’s Gabe Gaxiola (Andy Morales/

I will periodically release the top 10 players and top two coaches (when possible) from basketball teams from Southern Arizona. For coaches, I will pick a coach to lead the crop of ten players and a “Legacy Coach.” A Legacy Coach is the coach who either won a championship or set the program on a winning path.

In some cases, such as the Cienega girl’s team, there may be so much turnover that picking a coach is not possible.

Make a case for someone or suggest players for other teams at

I will also list the Most Valuable Player from each school. Those selections will most likely go to those who led their team to a state championship.

Current players are eligible.


Cienega All-Time Team
Alyssa Deal, 2011 (MVP)
Destiny Richardson (2015)
Treyanna Clay (2015)
Gabby Banales (2014)
Denesia Smith (2014)
Alyssa Roche (2011)
Megan Placencia (2010)
Paula Clendaniel (2007)
Courtney Payne (2007)
Krystal Riggs (2005)
Rob Harrison, Legacy Coach

Pusch Ridge All-Time Team
Hannah McLeod (2009) MVP
Moriah Roters (2015)
Olivia Christian (2015)
Gabrielle Courtney (2013)
Abby Maas (2012)
Becca Radtke (2007)
Katlyn Freeland (2007)
Holly Paddock (2006)
Reagan Sutton (2005)
Loren Storm-Perez (2002)
Lonnie Tvrdy, Legacy Coach

Ironwood Ridge All-Time Team
Lexy Ram (2016), MVP
Natalie Bartle (2018)
Casey Wortley (2014)
Paige Moffett (2013)
Kristen Dohm (2013)
Brooke Seavitt (2011)
Mya Perrow-Donovan (2011)
Angelica Miller (2011)
Lindsey Miller (2006)
Audrey Barbera (2006)
Nikki Simpson, Coach
Don Dickinson, Legacy Coach

Sahuaro All-Time Team
Michelle Vielledent (1993) MVP
Elena Arriaga (2017)
Sydney Harden 2012-16 (2016)
Reazsha Benjamin (2016)
Cashala Thompson (2011)
Logan Hall (2008)
Vanessa Lemmon (2006)
Kristen Earsley (2001)
Katie Bruns (2000)
Kelliann Glowacka (1999)
Steve Botkin, Coach
Jim Scott, Legacy Coach


Tanque Verde All-Time Team
Gabe Gaxiola (2015) MVP
Anthony Gaxiola (2018)
Austin Torres (2017)
Ajay Robertson (2015)
Marc Bulau (2014)
David Gallardo (2013)
Nick Brien (2012)
Chris Atlas (2011)
Matt Sprague (2011)
Luke Herchenroeder (2011)
Mark Gaxiola, Legacy Coach

Empire All-Time Team
Deion James (2015) MVP
Jack Plouck (2018)
Grant Plouck (2016)
Garrett Hacker (2013)
Rob Figueroa (2013)
Cole Plouck (2012)
Ben Perrell (2012)
Demitri Hayes (2010)
Austin Roush (2009)
Mike Alexander.(2007)
Dana Plouck, Coach
Steven Bye, Legacy Coach

Catalina Foothills All-Time Team
Austin Nehls (2014) MVP
Nik Nehls (2016)
Dakota Kordsiemon (2015)
Chaz Mack (2014)
Jake Klewer (2010)
Sterling North (2009)
Andy Hunter (2008)
Kyle Ludwig (2007)
Barrett Zeinfeld (2004)
Matt Brase (2000)
Doug D’Amore, Coach
Mark Felix, Legacy Coach

Sunnyside All-Time Team
Jermaine Watts (1994) MVP
Santino Duarte (2017)
Jacob Inclan (2016)
William Sims (1994)
Deron Johnson (1989)
Alonso Salazar (1989)
Mark Johnson (1983)
Mike Bon (1978)
Greg Cook (1977)
Ken Morgan (1977)
Rob Harrison, Coach
Dwight Rees, Legacy Coach

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Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here, on and on the pages of the Vail Voice and the Tanque Verde Voice. Contact Andy Morales at


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