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Twitter reactions to LeBron James joining coach Luke Walton with Lakers

The buzz on Twitter is that LeBron James, now with the Los Angeles Lakers, was drafted in the same year — 2003 — as former Arizona Wildcats standout Luke Walton, his new coach.

Even more fascinating is the free agent acquisition of James by the Lakers means the Golden State Warriors’ NBA Finals rival the last four years will now be their Western Conference rival.

And even more tantalizing in Tucson is the fact that Walton and Steve Kerr might be coaching the two best teams in the NBA. Their staffs have an Arizona angle with 1997 Final Four MVP Miles Simon and team manager Jesse Murmuys (Salpointe Catholic grad) with the Lakers and Kerr’s former teammate, Bruce Fraser, with the Warriors.

Here are some Twitter reactions all things considered from an Arizona angle:

An odd couple?

You can expect the “Walton will be fired” banter.

Not to mention, plenty of jokes about what could be a power struggle.

This all depends on the talent, or lack thereof, that will surround LeBron in LA:

Will Kerr and Walton still have this fun-loving relationship with stakes much higher between the Warriors and Lakers?

Kerr is not leaving any time soon meaning the rivalry with LeBron will continue in California for a while.

Now this is funny …

This is funny too on the other spectrum.

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