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Kyle Fogg: ‘It’s been a great career so far’

Kyle Fogg, nearly seven years removed from his days at the University of Arizona, is living life … and continues to pay it forward.

In fact, he has been for years. Still, had anyone asked him if he imagined the good fortune he’s been experiencing since he left in 2012, he said he wouldn’t believe it. He just finished being a major player in Overseas Elite’s fourth consecutive championship in the winner-take-all The Basketball Championship. His share was $147,000.

Kyle Fogg (Photo courtesy Arizona Athletics)

“I knew or felt that I’d be playing professional basketball (somewhere),” said Fogg, in a phone interview with while visiting Tucson. “I definitely didn’t know I’d get all these amazing opportunities to (play in China), help my mom and help others in the process. It’s been a great career so far.”

There’s plenty left for the 28-year-old, who is spending time with friends in Tucson before he leaves to play for Guangzhou Long-Lions for the second consecutive season. He’s playing for them for a reported $2 million.

The money has afforded him many things but more importantly it’s allowed him to use his The Basketball Tournament money to help his mom possibly retire from her job. Two year’s ago, he purchased a car for her with his winnings. He’s also helped build schools in Ghana, Laos and now Guatemala. There are four total. It’s being done through the Pencils of Promise program.

Photo Courtesy TBT Website

“It’s an incredible feeling that I’ve received all these blessings to sign my contract and to win the TBT,” he said. “And, I’m able to help those who might not be able to get an education and chase their dreams. We get to give them those opportunities.”

And all through the game he loves. While playing in TBT, he’s won more than $500,000, helping Overseas Elite go undefeated (25-0) in its four-year reign.

“We had high expectations for this one,” he said. “Everyone has been trying to knock us off. When you get three titles everyone knows we have a target on our backs. It was tough to deal with that pressure every game. The first week of games was tough. We knew we had a chance if we won that first weekend. If we didn’t beat ourselves it would be good.”

He helped Overseas Elite get to the finals by scoring 38 points in the semifinals.

“We got hot and my teammates were definitely looking to get me the ball,” he said.

As for winning the fourth consecutive time, he said, “my main thing was just staying healthy. I have a good contract going into this year, so I just wanted to make sure I was ready for that.”

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