Swim & Dive: Catalina Foothills girls win 12th championship; 5 win individual titles

Catalina Foothills (Courtesy Photo)

NOV. 7-8

Catalina Foothills Girls Team
Summer Westmoreland, Catalina Foothills: DIVING (423.35)
Evan Apuron, San Manuel: 100 FLY (50.71)
Amanda Farnum, Sabino: 50 FREE (24.35)
Sydney Even, Salpointe: 200 FREE (1:51.18)
Aidan Reagan, Salpointe: 200 FREE (1:40.27)
Catalina Foothills: GIRLS 200 FREE RELAY (1:37.93)
Salpointe: BOYS 200 FREE RELAY (1:27.24)
Salpointe: BOYS 400 FREE RELAY (3:07.10)
Pusch Ridge: BOYS 200 FREE RELAY (Wyatt Nunn, Ian Choi, Jonathan Croyle, Christian Swiniuch)

Amanda Farnum (Courtesy Photo)

Salpointe Boys Team
Isabella Plantz, Catalina Foothills: DIVING (397.80)
Paige Housman, Pusch Ridge: 200 FREE (1:53.64)
Paige Housman, Pusch Ridge: 500 FREE (5:02.16)
Carter Dooling, Ironwood Ridge: 100 BREAST (58.46)
Christiana Williams, Catalina Foothills: 100 BREAST (1:03.92)
Skylar Dikeman, Catalina Foothills: 100 BACK (55.58)
Aidan Reagan, Salpointe: 500 Free (4:34.28)
Sydney Even, Salpointe: 500 Free (5:04.17)
Quinn Teller, Salpointe: 100 FREE (46.19)
Shayla Markle, Salpointe: 100 FLY (56.19)
Canyon del Oro: BOYS 200 FREE RELAY (1:27.41)
Catalina Foothills: GIRLS MED RELAY (1:46.71)
Tanque Verde: BOYS 200 FREE RELAY (Trevor Clausen, Logan Radomsky, Nicholas Spilotro, Sam Stott)

Salpointe Girls Team
Pusch Ridge Girls Team
Kenan Harman, Desert Christian: 100 BACK (55.43)
Amanda Farnum, Sabino: 100 FLY (59.26)
Riley Stewart, Canyon del Oro: 100 BREAST (59.17)
Sasha Ganem, Salpointe: 50 FREE (24.19)
Quinn Teller, Salpointe: 50 FREE (21.14)
Salpointe: BOYS MED RELAY (1:36.72)
Pusch Ridge: GIRLS MED RELAY (Paige Housman, Rachel Stamer, Ashanthi Otero, Sophia Holcombe)
Pusch Ridge: GIRLS 200 FREE RELAY (Sophia Holcombe, Sierra Rafacz, Gabriela Dean, Paige Housman)

Catalina Foothills Boys Team
Sarynn Patterson, Tanque Verde: 100 BACK (1:03.34)
Sam Stott, Tanque Verde: 100 FREE (47.93)
Evan Apuron, San Manuel: 50 FREE (21.41)
Isabelle Sansom, Tanque Verde: 50 FREE (25.19)
Andrew Schou, Salpointe: 100 BREAST (59.21)
Paul Rasoumoff, Salpointe 100 FREE (46.82)
Preston Grandpre, Catalina Foothills: 100 FLY (52.45)
Avery Spade, Catalina Foothills: 100 BREAST (1:06.54)
Christiana Williams, Catalina Foothills: 200 IM (2:08.26)
Canyon del Oro: BOYS 400 FREE RELAY (3:18.25)
Tanque Verde: GIRLS 200 FREE RELAY (Paisley White, Maggie Colombo, Sarynn Patterson, Isabelle Sansom)
Sabino: GIRLS 400 FREE RELAY (Megan Melendez, Carah Haynes, Natassia Sotomayor, Amanda Farnum)
Pusch Ridge: GIRLS 400 FREE RELAY (Sophia Holcombe, Sierra Rafacz, Rachel Stamer, Gabriela Dean)
Pusch Ridge: BOYS 400 FREE RELAY (Wyatt Nunn, Jacob Stahlman, Jonathan Croyle, Christian Swiniuch)

Pusch Ridge Boys Team
Tanque Verde Girls Team
Rachel Stamer, Pusch Ridge: 100 BREAST (1:11.61)
Gabriella Dean, Pusch Ridge: 500 FREE (5:21.54)
Christian Swiniuch, Pusch Ridge: 100 FLY (52.90)
Christian Swiniuch, Pusch Ridge: 200 FREE (1:44.79)
Joseph Plunkett, Catalina Foothills: 100 BREAST (1:00.54)
Avery Spade, Catalina Foothills: 100 FLY (57.61)
Grace Hueber, Salpointe: 500 FREE (5:09.53)
Miles Bottai, Tucson: 100 FREE (46.63)
Riley Stewart, Canyon del Oro: 200 IM (1:54.18)
Skylar Dikeman, Catalina Foothills: 50 FREE (24.24)
Salpointe: GIRLS 200 FREE RELAY (1:40.66)
Salpointe: GIRLS 400 FREE RELAY (3:38.18)
Catalina Foothills: BOYS MED RELAY (1:39.78)


Catalina Foothills (12)
2000: 4A (Nicole Sayers-Penkalski)
2001: 4A (Nicole Sayers-Penkalski)
2002: 4A (Nicole Sayers-Penkalski)
2003: 4A (Nicole Sayers-Penkalski)
2004: 4A (Nicole Sayers-Penkalski)
2005: 4A-I (Nicole Sayers-Penkalski)
2006: 4A-I (Dale Payne)
2007: 4A-I (RJ Lundstrom)
2009: 4A-I (RJ Lundstrom)
2010: D-II (RJ Lundstrom)
2013: D-II (Ed Walter)
2019: D-II (Ed Walter)

Sabino (3)
2018: D-III (Melanie Paulsen)
2017: D-III (Melanie Paulsen)
2016: D-III (Melanie Paulsen)

1996: 4A (Mike Ward)

1982: 5A (Kelly McConnell)

2012: D-II (Chad Castillo)

Summer Westmoreland (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


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