Senior Class Letters

Senior Letter to Class of 2020: Marana’s Antoinette Audiss has reached out for high school seniors to write the class of 2020 a letter during this unique time of their schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s letter was written by Marana High School standout basketball player Antoinette “Andy” Audiss, who will next attend Embry-Riddle University in Prescott and play for the Eagles.

Dear Class of 2020,

I know we ALL were looking forward to and counting down the days to when we would be in our caps and gowns and be able to celebrate one another and all that we have accomplished over the past 4 years.

Who knew this journey would lead us to where we are right now? None of us could predict that Friday, March 13th, 2020 would be our last day together or that our lives would change as we know it.  We have had so many wonderful memories together and it sucks that we will be missing so many “last” memories with one another and be able to say our farewells and congratulations in person.

As we go our separate ways, I cannot help but feel so many different emotions.  I feel in my heart that we all need to show our adversity and take a moment to mourn those who have lost a loved one or friend and send thoughts and prayers to those families who are still grieving. 

Yes, we missed so much, however we have gained more than we realize right now. We have had time to mature more than we may have done so in our previous “normal” routines.  Maturity is being able to stick with something until it is completed. It is doing what you need to do without supervision staying on the right path, being accountable for your actions and your words. It is sometimes a hard lesson to learn but is crucial to becoming the person you want to be. Your future is determined by your dreams and work ethic, not your circumstances. So do not let these circumstances stand in your way of what you want. Go for it!! 

Enjoy this time whether you go off to college, travel, get married or start your career. Savor every moment and know it is a blessing to cherish because it could be gone tomorrow. 

I want to acknowledge and thank all the teachers, coaches and staff as they too have been affected but have made it their goal to support us through all of this, despite whatever they may be going through in their own lives. We appreciate you! We all share this in common with so many others across the world and we will leave a legacy behind us that most certainly will be talked about in future years to come.   

So class of 2020, I say to you, “Stand tall and know we will see each other again soon and will have so many more stories to tell.”  

Antoinette Audiss 

Marana High School, Class of 2020

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