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Senior Letter to Class of 2020: Flowing Wells’ Khalid Whitaker has reached out for high school seniors to write the class of 2020 a letter during this unique time of their schools closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today’s letter was written by Flowing Wells basketball player Khalid Whitaker, who will attend Pima Community College and play for the Aztecs.

Khalid Whitaker will play for Brian Peabody at Pima (Andy Morales/

Dear Class of 2020,

Our senior year started our great, with many of us achieving some amazing athletic and academic accomplishments. Without notice, our final year was cut short. At first it seemed like a blessing; sleeping until noon, limited classwork online, and video games all night long. But happiness turned to sorrow when I realized some of us would be missing our final sports season, our Senior Proms and traditional graduations.  

The class of 2020 was built for turmoil. We were born at a time when our country was facing one of the biggest tragedies in decades. Yet we managed to pull through. Now here we are 18 years later, among another tragedy. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that we will pull though again. We are a part of a monumental world crisis.  We went from being just another graduating class, to being one of the most talked about classes of all time. Our future kids and grandkids will be studying about us when they go to school one day. Simply put, this year is definitely one for the history books.

We have grown closer as a class, built stronger bonds, and looked to each other for support more than ever. I hope that everyone takes this time to do more of what you love, spend quality time with family, and reflect and refocus for the future. I hope the world is ready for us because we’re coming out of this a smarter, stronger, and more focused class of 2020.

I would like to say a special thank you to the teachers and staff of Flowing Wells High School for going above and beyond to make the rest of this year as best as it can be, considering the circumstances.    

Congratulations to all my fellow graduating seniors of 2020!


Khalid “Sheriff” Whitaker

Flowing Wells High School

Class of 2020

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