Student-Athlete Spotlight

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Mountain View’s Aggressive Linebacker Daylin Smith is running a series of brief stories about Southern Arizona high school senior student-athletes entering this school year. The series, first-person accounts from the student-athletes, continues with a profile on Mountain View linebacker Daylin Smith.

Daylin Smith

School: Mountain View

College scholarship offer: Western New Mexico

Honors/background: 2020 Southern Arizona LB/DB Watch List. Led Mountain View with six sacks last year.

Mountain View linebacker Daylin Smith (Andy Morales/

I remember being in youth football when I was 7 and all I cared about was laying the wood and being the most aggressive player on the field. Now, I still have that in my mind but I see the field, the plays happening before they unfold and really take pride in all the preparations to be a well-rounded, aggressive style of player.

My greatest hope for 20-21 season is obviously to be able to finish the entire season with all this craziness going on, but outside that, my hopes would be to finish high school with a state title.

I am ready. I have grown, trained this entire time, gotten a lot stronger and am ready to show my all around growth both physically and mentally!

The thing I like best about our team this year is that almost all our varsity team has played at this level since their sophomore year and we have all been super focused. We are all close friends. There is no division among our team.

My goals beyond school, outside the obvious of continuing in professional football, would be playing football in college, obtaining my degree and becoming a U.S. Marshal. After retirement, I want to own a private security firm. I enjoy tactical style scenarios. I translate my football play into tactical approach every play!!

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