Jake’s Jaguars Update: Going to the Championship

(Jake’s Photos)


We woke up and ate a great team breakfast before our semifinal game. After breakfast we drove to the field to start warming up. We knew it was going to be our toughest game of the year and knew we were going to have to battle. It was a slow start to the game for both teams and we knew our defense was going to have to keep battling and getting our offense the ball back.

Our offense faced adversity but we finally scored to go up 6-0 at halftime. We knew that wasn’t enough and our defense made another amazing stop. Then my teammate Van made a 60 yard touchdown run to make the lead 12-0. The Bisons scored a TD on a breakaway play bringing the game to 12-7. In the end the defense made another huge stop ending with a huge sack by my teammate Noah.

Going to the National Championship is a once in a lifetime experience and it means a lot to my team, the Jags, TYFSF and my home town of Tucson for us to be the first regular season team to make it to the National Championship game. We are still not done yet and we are very excited for Friday.

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