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SAM’S CORNER: Week of ups and downs includes chance to shave boyfriend’s head

Hey Wildcats fans,

It has been a long week of ups and downs.

We started the Pac-12 this week and kicked it off with Washington State. We were able to get the win while also celebrating many exciting things. Aari, our former point guard as many of you probably know her, came back to town to get inducted into the Ring of Honor. She and her family were able to fly in and watch the game and see her name up in McKale. We also celebrated Ariyah entering the 1,000-point club. She has been a great addition for us this year and we are so happy to have her. We also celebrated Adia’s 100th win after the game. She has built this program in a short amount of time and continues to bring success to this program. It was a great night to have everyone together and celebrate our first Pac-12 win of the season.


After the Washington State game we had a quick turnaround and flew to L.A. to play USC. Unfortunately, we were unable to get our first Pac-12 road game win. It is never fun to lose but there is always something to learn and grow from a loss. Everyone has shown nothing but support and we appreciate the love from Tucson. We are going to watch film, work on what we need to, and then focus on the next game which will be Oregon State on Thursday.

I think the hardest thing as athletes is to not dwell on a loss. When you are passionate about your sport you give 100% every time so when you don’t get the results you want it can be challenging. The more you grow as an athlete and person you learn how to manage your thoughts and the losses. The best thing you can do is learn from your mistakes and not let them happen again.

On a happier note or at least for me, I shaved my boyfriend’s head this week. He needed a haircut for his “flow” because it was getting too long. I have been asking him for a long time to let me cut it so he finally agreed to let me cut it. Of course I had to do it on Instagram Live so I propped my phone up for everyone to see. I was doing a pretty good job and I was almost finished and then someone commented for me to shave it all off. It went from one comment to about ten comments telling him to cut it off. Normally, I am against peer pressure but for this one time I was hoping he would let me do it. We ended up calling his mom to get the final say if he should shave it all off. She said yes with a big smile on her face and that was all I needed and I went to work. He now has a buzzed head and is rocking it nicely. It is getting colder so he can wear some nice beanies to cover up my work of art on his hair.

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