Arizona Basketball

If Kerr plays it’ll be a game time decision

SAN DIEGO – Arizona coach Tommy Lloyd said on Thursday that he’ll make the decision to play Kerr Kriisa at gametime. It’s been his standard response to the question if Kriisa will be good to go after suffering an ankle sprain last week.

“He’s made great progress,” Lloyd said. “I’m sure he’ll be bouncing around out there a little bit today. Our goal was to push it, see how close we could get him to playing. I think he’s close.”

On Tuesday, Kerr said he was good to go and is ready to play. In his tweets to show his ankle, the photos looked bad, but he said he “never felt better.” At the team’s shootaround in front of a crowd on Thursday Kriisa took jumpers and worked out on his right ankle.

“We’ll see (Friday) what it looks like,” Lloyd said, “and it could be a deal where he may play but he may not start. We’ll take it from there and see where he’s at.”

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