Verrado over Nogales for 5A championship

(Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson)

…On the other side, the Apaches went undefeated in the state of Arizona before dropping a 5-3 9-inning clash with No. 9 Desert Mountain in the semifinal round. Nogales beat Desert Mountain 5-1 in the second round to send the Wolves to elimination bracket and the team battled back with two victories before beating Nogales. The loss forced an “if game” in the double-elimination format and the Apaches rebounded with a 5-3 win to set up the championship with Verrado…..



Tucson High (29)
1912: 5A (James F. McKale)
1913: 5A (James F. McKale)
1918: 5A (Arthur Smith)
1920: 5A (M.N. Porter)
1922: 5A (Aaron McCreary)
1924: 5A (Richard Meyer)
1930: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1932: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1935: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1937: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1939: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1940: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1941: 5A (Andy Tolson)
1942: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1943: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1944: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1945: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1946: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1948: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1950: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1951: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1952: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1954: 5A (Hank Slagle)
1955: 5A (Lee Carey)
1956: 5A (Lee Carey)
1959: 5A (Ray Adkins)
1972: 5A (Ray Adkins)
1987: 5A (Tom Lundy)
1988: 5A (Tom Lundy)

St. David (18)
1965: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1966: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1967: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1980: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1984: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1986: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1987: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1988: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1989: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1990: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1991: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1993: 1A (Jim Crawford)
1997: 1A (John Sands)
2000: 1A (Jim Crawford)
2001: 1A (Jim Crawford)
2002: 1A (Jim Crawford)
2012: D-IV (Ron Goodman)
2021: D-IV (Ron Goodman)

Nogales (11)
1951: 4A (James Concannon)
1952: 4A (James Concannon)
1954: 4A (James Concannon)
1955: 4A (James Concannon)
1956: 4A (James Concannon)
1965: 4A (James Concannon)
1971: 4A (James Concannon)
1976: 4A (Bob Young)
1981: 4A (Bob Young)
2017: 4A (OJ Favela)
2018: 4A (OJ Favela)

Canyon del Oro (9)
1979: 5A (Roger Werbylo)
1984: 5A (Roger Werbylo)
1994: 5A (Phil Wright)
1997: 5A (Phil Wright)
2000: 5A (Kent Winslow)
2002: 5A (Keith Francis)
2009: 4A (Len Anderson)
2015: D-II (Keith Francis)
2022: 4A (Jason Hisey)

Douglas (8)
1953: 3A (Barney Leigh)
1958: 3A (Tom Lay)
1960: 3A (Ike Sharp)
1961: 3A (Ike Sharp)
1962: 3A (Ike Sharp)
1975: 4A (Manny Valenzuela)
1978: 4A (Manny Valenzuela)
2001: 4A (Jaime Tadeo)

Bisbee (5)
1947: 3A (Waldo Dicus)
1966: 3A (Dick Atkinson)
1993: 2A (Mike Frosco)
2002: 2A (Mike Frosco)
2008: 2A (Mike Frosco)

San Manuel (5)
1963: 3A (Hal Eustice)
1971: 3A (John Bunch)
1973: 3A (John Bunch)
1985: 3A (Don Payne)
1992: 3A (Don Payne)

Santa Cruz (5)
1975: 3A (Brad Moon)
1976: 3A (Brad Moon)
1982: 3A (Kent Winslow)
1990: 2A (Scott Cook)
1991: 2A (Scott Cook)

Valley Union (5)
1970: 1A (John Grimes)
1971: 1A (Tim Hart)
1973: 1A (Tim Hart)
1974: 1A (Tim Hart)
2008: 1A (Tony Luzania)

Patagonia (4)
1963: 1A (Reg LeFevre)
1964: 1A (Reg LeFevre)
1972: 1A (David Thompson)
1996: 1A (Mike Slenk)

Willcox (4)
1956: 1A (Joe Anaya)
1999: 2A (Russ Bethel)
2000: 2A (Russ Bethel)
2001: 2A (Russ Bethel)

Benson (3)
1963: 2A (James Cummings)
1987: 2A (Ken Smith)
2021: 2A (Fred Trujillo)

Desert Christian (3)
2013: D-IV (Grant Hopkins)
2014: D-IV (Grant Hopkins)
2015: D-IV (Grant Hopkins)

Sabino (3)
1997: 4A (Mike Bejarano)
2019: 3A (Shane Folsom)
2021: 3A (Shane Folsom)

Sahuarita (3)
1974: 2A (Wes Gentner)
1984: 3A (Wes Gentner)
2005: 3A (Bryan Huie)

Sahuaro (3)
1973: 5A (Hal Eustice)
1974: 5A (Hal Eustice)
1982: 5A (Hal Eustice)

Catalina (2)
1967: 5A (Cliff Myrick)
2011: 4A-II (Tony Gabusi)

Duncan (2)
2004: 1A (Andrew Larson)
2005: 1A (Chano Talavera)

Rincon (2)
1962: 5A (Lee Carey)
1971: 5A (Gary Grabosch)

Tanque Verde (2)
2009: 1A (James Lawwill)
2011: 1A (James Lawwill)

Tombstone (2)
1977: 2A (John Escarcega)
1994: 2A (Ron Ingrum)

1980: 5A (Paul Gabaldon)

Desert View
1991: 4A (Rene Rodriguez)

Flowing Wells
1983: 4A (John Gleeson)

Green Fields
1998: 1A (Frank Trujillo)

1969: 2A (Joe Acker)

Palo Verde
2014: D-III (Jim Mentz)

1990: 4A (Jon Holstrom)

Pusch Ridge
2009: 2A (Doug Jones)

2019: 4A (Danny Preble)

Santa Rita
1986: 5A (Dan Moore)

St. Gregory
1999: 1A (Shane Sherwood)

Suffolk Hills/Immaculate Heart
1985: 1A (Jeff Dean)


Named one of “Arizona’s Heart & Sol” by KOLD and Casino del Sol, Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014, he was awarded the Ray McNally Award in 2017 and a 2019 AZ Education News recognition. He was a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. He was the first in Arizona to write about high school beach volleyball and high school girls wrestling and his unique perspective can only be found here and on AZPreps365.com. Andy is a Southern Arizona voting member of the Ed Doherty Award, recognizing the top football player in Arizona, and he was named a Local Hero by the Tucson Weekly for 2016. Andy was named an Honorary Flowing Wells Caballero in 2019, became a member of the Sunnyside Los Mezquites Cross Country Hall of Fame in 2021 and he was a member of the Amphi COVID-19 Blue Ribbon Committee. He earned a Distinguished Service Award from Amphitheater and he was recognized by City Councilman Richard Fimbres. Contact Andy Morales at amoralesmytucson@yahoo.com

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