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Mica Mountain senior Addison Scott will be interning with us at AllSportsTucson this year as part of her high school graduation exit project. Scott was a 4A Second Team All-Star in volleyball last fall as a middle blocker.

Q: Tell us a little about your senior exit project and program at Mica Mountain and what area are you studying?

A: In the Vail School District, each senior is required to complete a senior exit project in order to graduate. The senior exit project must consist of a well written 5-8 page paper, 20 hours of shadowing someone in a career field I’m interested in and a 8-15 minute presentation in front of a panel of judges. For my project, I have decided to study the career field of Sports Journalism.

Q: You play volleyball for your school. Tell us a little bit about the process you went through to get to this point, your position(s), what you like about the sport and do you or did you play other sports?

A: I first learned I had a passion for volleyball in the 3rd grade when joining an NYS team. I continued playing NYS until I was 13, after that I joined a more competitive club team and I currently still play for Rush Volleyball. This will be my fourth year playing for Mica Mountain High School and I am excited for the upcoming season. I currently play Middle Blocker for both high school and club. My favorite part of the game is the bonds I’ve created with my teammates and the excitement and adrenaline that comes with it. After trying several different sports growing up, volleyball was the one that I enjoyed the most.

Q: Did your parents play high school or college level sports or anyone in your family?

A: I come from a family with lots of athletes. My dad played several sports in high school including basketball, football and track & field. Several of my aunts and uncles continued on at the collegiate level including one of my uncles running track and field for Penn State. Two of them played division III basketball.

Q: Tell us about what you want to study in college and how you got interested in that field?

A: Once I graduate high school I want to study in the career field of Sports Journalism/Broadcasting. I became interested in this career field because I love being involved in the sports community. Growing up, I’ve always been very involved in sports as well as my siblings. After every game, I always look forward to checking the stats and reading updates on all the different teams. Getting to shadow Andy Morales for this project is such an exciting opportunity. I am looking forward to getting hands-on experience in this career field.

Q: How is it attending and playing at a new school?

A: Playing at a new school has its ups and downs. Starting off as a brand new team was challenging as we only started with a JV- A and JV-B team. As 2021 being our first year with a varsity team, we didn’t have a full schedule that every other school had. We picked up any team that wanted to play us and had a very successful season as a first year varsity team. This past season, we had a full schedule and ended with a very rewarding season. As for attending a new school, I personally love it. Our class got to be a part of the planning process of selecting the school name, mascot, colors, etc. which was something that most students don’t get to do. While being at Mica Mountain I have had many advantages of creating new traditions and building the culture of Mica Mountain.

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