Addison Scott: Q & A with Mica Mountain standout QB Jayden Thoreson

Jayden Thoreson. (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson)

Q: You are listed as a 5-foot-10-inch quarterback. What is your favorite part of this position and why?

A: I think my favorite part of playing quarterback is the game time feeling you only get on Friday nights and being the leader on the team. As we walk out on Friday nights, Thunderstruck is playing in the background and it’s a feeling like no other. Then, looking at the leadership aspect of the position, my first two years at Mica Mountain I was an underclassmen playing varsity football. That’s kind of unheard of. Being an upperclassmen this year it is my time now to show who I really am as a leader of the team.

Q: Football is your major sport. Can you tell us about all the sports you’ve tried in the past and how has each sport helped you grow as an athlete and as a person or student?

A: I have always played football and it has always been my favorite sport. But growing up I did try other sports here and there. I mainly played baseball and some basketball. Rather than a sport helping me grow as an athlete, student, and person, I think it has been the coaches that have helped me the most. I grew up in Phoenix and the coaches I had there definitely helped me a lot with my athletic abilities. Then, when my family moved down to Tucson, there was one person in particular that helped me grow as a leader and overall who I am today is because of that one coach.

Q: Tell us a bit about what goes through your head before, the middle and after a play.

A: As a play is called and we walk up to the line of scrimmage, I always have a pre-snap read and post snap read. Before the play starts, I look at where the corner backs are lined up, how many safeties there are, and any other small details I can pick out of the defense. Once the ball is snapped, I look at where the defenders move and that helps me make my read. Then later on after plays, my coach and I have the ability to watch a replay on the sideline to see where we can improve mid-game.

Q: What are some of the camps you’ve attended? We noticed you attended the University of Arizona here in Tucson. Can you tell us about your experiences there as well as other camps?

A: I had the opportunity to attend four camps this offseason with the U of A being one. First, I attended the Lake Forest Camp in Phoenix and that was a fun experience. There was a good amount of competition and a ton of coaches there. After that I went to both the U of A camp and NAU mega camp. At both, I had a really good camp in front of a lot of their players and coaches. Finally, more recently I attended the San Diego State Camp with a few of my teammates. Having the opportunity to compete with athletes from another state was very cool.

Q: Tell us a little about Mica Mountain football. You are a junior now but the Thunderbolts are still seen as a young and hungry team. Is there something about the culture there? Is it the coaching, the players, the program or a little bit of everything?

A: The culture is unmatched at Mica Mountain. We have only played one full season as a varsity team and already won a region championship. I think that speaks for itself, but it isn’t an individual effort. Everyone comes together for that. Our players have amazing athletic ability, our coaches put so much time and effort into it all, and even everything behind the scenes that no one really sees plays a factor. We have great training facilities, an athletic trainer that does everything for us, and faculty on campus who supports the team so much.

Q: Tell us about the weight room. How is the competition there?

A: Our weight room can get really competitive. Having weights first thing in the morning, we really get each other going, pushing one another to get better. You always have someone in your ear and if you are slacking off you will hear it from a player or coach. Then on days where we are maxing, there’s a whole different energy. People are yelling and climbing on racks as we cheer each other on.

Q: You have a great GPA. Is this something you’ve tried hard to maintain as part of your athletic future and has the classroom always been an important part of your life?

A: Grades always come first as a student-athlete and that is the way I have always looked at school. I know once high school is over, and it’s time for college, my grades are going to be what gets me into a high level school. So yes, the classroom and my academics are really important because I won’t always have the opportunity to play football.

Q: Can you tell us a little about your family, did they compete in sports, and what kind of motivation have they given you in your academic and athletic career?

A: Yes, both of my parents grew up playing sports. My mom was a dancer and played softball for   a long time. Then my dad played multiple sports growing up and in high school he focused more on basketball and football. With both of them playing sports, they’re the reason I started so young and still to this day my parents are right by my side pushing me to get better. Then in the classroom, my mom is always the first one to let me know about my grades.

Q: Who else on your team do we need to keep an eye out for that has possibly gone under the radar?

A: There is no specific player on the team that has gone under the radar. I think our team as a whole is still under the radar. Mica Mountain has only had one full varsity season and still hasn’t had a full graduating class. We still have a lot to prove but coming off a region championship, there’s a lot of momentum behind us that we will carry with us going forward.

Q: As being the quarterback, when you’re out on the field with your teammates, do you find it difficult to connect with them? Or is that connection there amongst the team?

A: Our whole team has a special connection when we are on the field together. Most of us players have grown up with each other and we all spend so much time together outside of school. So when that time comes to focus on the field, there’s a natural connection throughout the team.

Addison Scott is a senior volleyball standout at Mica Mountain.

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