In the House: What a gift on Father’s Day

What’s better than hanging with friends and family on Father’s Day?

Getting a hole-in-one while with that company.

That’s what Tim House experienced on Sunday in Phoenix at the Arizona Grand Resort.

Tim House (front) with Mason (right). Jeremy (middle), Tyler (left)

The former Arizona manager – during UA’s 1997 run and beyond – teed off at 5:40 a.m. on Sunday with godsons Mason and Tyler and their dad, Jeremy.

In the heat and on the 16th hole, he hit a 3-wood. It is a par-4 hole.

“I walked up to the tee box with a 3-wood in hand,” he said. “I questioned it and went back to the cart and was going to lay up … needed a different club.”

But, he decided against, figuring “it was Father’s Day and why not just go for it.”

So, he did. There was a slight left-to-right breeze. He used the range finder and saw the pin at 261 yards.

“I step up to hit and it was pure,” he said. “I was pretty sure it was on the green, but couldn’t see that far to be certain.”

Then, Mason said, “I was tracking your ball and then lost at the hole.”

They looked at one another and thought: “no way” did it go in.

They got to the hole … and yes the ball went in. They have video proof with elation included.

“To hit a hole in one on Father’s Day is pretty special,” he said.


To tie it all together, Mason is an incoming freshman to UA and will be a men’s basketball manager, following in the footsteps of his godfather.

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