2023 High School Football

Addison Scott: Q & A with Kason Colbert

Kason Colbert. (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson)

Q: You are listed as a 6-foot-1-inch running back and linebacker. What is your favorite part of both these positions? Do you favor one over the other?

A: My favorite part of playing running back is the team effort because everyone has to be on the same page in order for the run to be good. What I mean by that is, the linemen have to make their blocks on the right people. The quarterback has to read the option to make sure handing it off is the best decision and when everything works it just feels that the team is actually all one unit.

Linebacker is amazing to play because you are in the middle of all the action, such as the run and pass. The best feeling is when you go head on head with the ball carrier and he has to go through you or you have to go through him. The feeling is unmatched! Playing linebacker is similar to playing running back because each position requires you to trust your teammates that they will be in their gaps and be where they are supposed to be.

I can’t say that I favor one position over the other. It all depends on the game and whether or not the team supports one another and plays as one unit. Whether or not the opposing team has athletic ability in order to compete and make the game fun and challenging.

Football is your major sport. Can you tell us about all the sports you’ve tried in the past and how has each sport helped you grow as an athlete and as a person or student?

I have competed in several sports across my short lifespan, as my parents wanted to expose me to various athletics so I could choose the sport I enjoyed most and pursue it. I have had the opportunity to play soccer, baseball (local and travel), tennis, basketball (local, travel, and school), football, and track and field. Each of those sports taught me how to contribute to the team, how to persevere and how to elevate my teammates. They also taught me that there are many different types of coaches that all have different knowledge and if you just listen and learn you will have tips and tricks for every situation on and off the field. The coaches also taught me there is more to life than just sports and to always believe that everything will work out how it’s supposed to if you treat others with respect.

What are you and the team most looking forward to this football season?

The team and coaches and I are looking forward to trying to go 10-0 in the regular season and make it to the playoffs. The coaches would like for the players to reflect and know how much we have grown and improved as football players and human beings since we first started playing ball at Mica Mountain our freshman year.

Being a senior on the field this year, what makes Mica Mountain such a special program? Is there something about the culture? Is it the players, coaches the program or a little of everything?

I think what makes Mica Mountain football stand out over other schools is the coaching and the support we get from our families and the administrators at school. Everyone does their best to make sure we have all that we need to succeed in life and on the field.

Tell us about the weight room? What makes the weights program at Mica Mountain different from other high schools?

The biggest standout for Mica weight room is the program coach Keith Scott has developed. He does a great job keeping us on a routine and making sure we push ourselves when we are in there. He also knows stretches and alternate workouts you can do if you are hurt so you never have to miss a day in the weight room.

You have a great GPA. Is this something you have always tried to maintain as part of your athletic career? Has the classroom always been important to you?

Yes, grades have always been important to me because school can set you up for life with college and a job.

Who else on your team do we need to keep an eye for that has possibly gone under the radar?

As I’ve mentioned, football is a team sport. No one can play or do good without the other players, so I think you should keep an eye on everyone.

What has been the most rewarding experience while playing with your brother Kaspen Colbert before he graduated last year?

The most rewarding experience would have to be seeing him grow as a person and player because we have been playing together since I was about six. We both have come a very long way.

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