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Sabino’s Ryan McBrayer & CDO’s Dustin Peace part of elite championship coaching company

Sabino’s Ryan McBrayer has joined 36 other head coaches who have won a state championship in Southern Arizona high school football history dating to 1960.

The Sabercats (11-3) captured the 3A state championship with Saturday’s 68-46 victory over Paradise Honors at Mountain Pointe High School in Phoenix.

McBrayer, in his seventh season as head coach at his alma mater, won a championship on his first attempt.

Of the 36 coaches from Southern Arizona who have won a championship, 20 are from Tucson, including McBrayer. The most recent before McBrayer was Troy Copp at Pusch Ridge in 2015.

“We made shirts at the beginning of the year, all the shirt said was ‘2015,’ and that’s the last time that Tucson as a city took home a state championship,” McBrayer said, referencing Pusch Ridge’s Division IV state title win over Northwest Christian.

“These guys (he had his arm around quarterback Cameron Hackworth) had lofty expectations. They never wavered in that belief. They’re the team that broke an eight-year curse for Southern Arizona. Now, we’re going to cheer on CDO as they bring home a second one in two weeks for Tucson.”

CDO coach Dustin Peace’s appearance in the 4A state championship Friday against Yuma Catholic at Arizona State’s Mountain America Stadium is the third time he has reached the title game as a head coach.

He led the Dorados to 14-0 record and state championship victory over Sabino in 2009. He lost the following season in the title game to Scottsdale Saguaro to finish 13-1.

CDO and Yuma Catholic are each 13-0 heading into Friday’s showdown at 4 p.m.

“I’m excited about how special it is to say, ‘Hey, this is your final game that you ever get to play,'” Peace said after CDO beat Mica Mountain 23-7 in the 4A semifinal game Friday at Dorado Stadium. “Not, ‘Maybe if we win, we get to play next week.’ All the chips are on the deck and we’ve got an opportunity to finish the deal how they all wanted to start the year.”

Only 11 other coaches at Southern Arizona schools since 1960 have coached in more state championship games than Peace, led by Jeff Scurran’s eight appearances (five with Sabino, two with Santa Rita and one with Catalina Foothills).

Scurran, who won three state championships at Sabino, was in attendance to cheer on the Sabercats on Saturday night. He wore a Sabino shirt under a button-up shirt and jacket. He recently completed his 39th season as a head coach at the high school level at Rio Rico, where he has coached the last two seasons.

Peace, in his 15th season at CDO, has the opportunity to join 12 other coaches who have multiple state championships. Of those 12, six are from Tucson metropolitan area schools.

They are Scurran with his three titles, and Richard Sanchez of Sunnyside, John Mallamo of Tucson, Ollie Mayfield of Tucson and Bob Smith of CDO each with two.

State Championship Southern Arizona Coaches

A list of head coaches who won state titles at Southern Arizona high schools. * - Game ended in a tie
1960CJim CrawfordSt. DavidTuba City
1961AALou FarberPuebloSt. Mary's
1964BDuane MorrisonMaranaWillcox
1965AAJohn MallamoTucsonYuma Union
1966AAJohn MallamoTucsonWestwood
1968BDon HawkinsMaranaRound Valley
1969AADick PottleSaffordWinslow
1970AAAOllie MayfieldTucsonSunnyslope
1971AAAOllie MayfieldTucsonTempe
1971AADick PottleSaffordFlowing Wells
1972CJim CrawfordSt. DavidFredonia
1973AAAVan HowePalo VerdeCamelback
1975AAAJerry LoperAmphiMaryvale
1975AALarry HartFlowing WellsSnowflake
1976AABob SmithCanyon del OroDouglas
1976ACliff MartinMorenciPage
1976CJohn MilfordTucson Deaf & BlindMayer
1977AABob SmithCanyon del OroGilbert
1977CJim CrawfordSt. DavidFredonia
1979AAAVern FriedliAmphiMesa
1979CJim CrawfordSt.DavidSalome
1981ADamon BeckerSan ManuelBuckeye
1982BPaul HanleyWillcoxBlue Ridge
1982CSteve SorceSuffolk HillsPima
1985CGary MauldinValley UnionWestern Christian
1986BJesse HughesThatcherWillcox
1986CGary MauldinValley UnionNW Christian
1987CBill HousePatagoniaValley Union
1988BEd ShameyThatcherHayden
1988CBill HousePatagoniaScottsdale Christian
19904AJeff ScurranSabinoPeoria
1991*1ABill HousePatagoniaFredonia
19924AJeff ScurranSabinoWashington
19934AWayne JonesMountain ViewSahuaro
1994*4AHoward BreinigSahuaro Peoria
19971AJohn BryantSt. David Mogollon
19984AJeff ScurranSabinoMesa Mountain View
19982AJim HughesThatcherQueen Creek
19981AJohn BryantSt. DavidOrme School
20002ADon ConradThatcherSt. Johns
20001AJohn BryantSt. DavidBagdad
20014ARichard SanchezSunnysideGreenway
20012ADon ConradThatcherPhoenix Christian
20011AJohn BryantSt. DavidJoseph City
20034ARichard SanchezSunnysideCactus
20054AD2Todd MayfieldPalo VerdeMingus Union
20062ADon ConradThatcherValley Christian
20071ATony LuzaniaValley UnionPima
20094ADustin PeaceCanyon del OroSabino
2012D2Matt JohnsonIronwood RidgeCentennial
2013D2Dennis BeneSalpointeChaparral
2015D4Troy CoppPusch RidgeNW Christian
20162ASean HintonThatcherRound Valley
20172ASean HintonThatcherSanta Cruz
20182ARamon MoralesThatcherRound Valley
20214AJake BarroCasa GrandePoston Butte
20233ARyan McBrayerSabinoParadise Honors
20234ADustin PeaceCDOYuma Catholic


Jeff Scurran, 8 / 3-5 (Sabino – 1990, 1992, 1997, 1998, 1999; Santa Rita – 2008, 2009; Catalina Foothills – 2016)
Larry Hart, 6 / 1-5 (Flowing Wells – 1964, 1968, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1975)
Jim Crawford, 5 / 4-1 (St. David – 1960, 1966, 1972, 1977, 1979)
John Bryant, 4 / 4-0 (St. David – 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001)
Bill House, 4 / 2-1-1 (Patagonia, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1992)
Dick Pottle, 4 / 2-2 (Safford – 1969, 1970, 1971, 1982)
Richard Sanchez, 4 / 2-2 (Sunnyside – 2000, 2001, 2003, 2006)
Vern Friedli, 4 / 1-3 (Morenci – 1973; Amphi – 1979, 1990, 1997)
Howard Breinig, 4 / 0-3-1 (Sahuaro – 1984, 1991, 1993, 1994)
Reg LeFevre, 4 / 0-4 (Patagonia – 1959, 1962, 1963, 1964)
Jay Campos, 4 / 0-4 (Sabino – 2005, 2006, 2009, 2016)
Don Conrad, 3 / 3-0 (Thatcher – 2000, 2001, 2006)
John Mallamo, 3 / 2-1 (Tucson – 1962, 1965, 1966)
Dustin Peace, 3 / 1-1 (Canyon del Oro – 2009, 2010, 2023)
Ed Shamey, 3 / 1-2 (Thatcher – 1988, 1989, 1995)
Dennis Bene, 3 / 1-2 (Salpointe – 2013, 2017, 2018)
Ollie Mayfield, 2 / 2-0 (Tucson – 1970, 1971)
Bob Smith, 2 / 2-0 (Canyon del Oro – 1976, 1977)
Gary Mauldin, 2 / 2-0 (Valley Union – 1985, 1986)
Sean Hinton, 2 / 2-0 (Thatcher – 2016, 2017)
Lou Farber, 2 / 1-1 (Pueblo – 1961, 1967)
Don Hawkins, 2 / 1-1 (Marana – 1967, 1968)
Steve Sorce, 2 / 1-1 (Suffolk Hills – 1981, 1982)
Jim Hughes, 2 / 1-1 (Thatcher – 1998; Willcox – 2009)
Tony Luzania, 2 / 1-1 (Valley Union – 2007, 2015)
Ken Sawin, 2 / 0-2 (Douglas – 1974, 1976)
Larry Wooldridge, 2 / 0-2 (Willcox – 1978, 1986)
Larry Gray, 2 / 0-2 (Flowing Wells – 1982, 1983)
Tom Davis, 2 / 0-2 (Valley Union – 1987, 1990)
Nemer Hassey, 2 / 0-2 (Sahuaro – 1999; Cienega – 2011)
Chris Determan, 2 / 0-2 (Benson – 2015, 2020)


List of schools and their head coaches from Southern Arizona who have coached teams in the state championship games.
Year/ClSAZ CoachSAZ TeamSAZ CoachOppW/L
1959/CReg LeFevrePatagonia Lakeside L/34-19
1960/ACharlies WillinghamDouglas Arcadia L/21-13
1960/CJim CrawfordSt. David Tuba City W/40-21
1961/AALou FarberPueblo St. Mary’s W/16-14
1962/AAJohn MallamoTucson Arcadia L/40-7
1962/CReg LefevrePatagonia Camp Verde L/32-31
1963/AABill LovinRincon Mesa L/28-0
1963/CReg LeFevrePatagonia Camp Verde L/44-18
1964/ALarry HartFlowing Wells Winslow L/7-0
1964/BDuane MorrisonMarana Lee BarnesWillcox MHS/14-7
1964/CReg LeFevrePatagonia McNary L/27-13
1965/AAJohn MallamoTucson Yuma Union W/27-6
1966/AAJohn MallamoTucson Westwood W/14-7
1966/C Jim CrawfordSt. David McNary L/53-6
1967/AALou FarberPueblo St. Mary’s L/34-22
1967/BDon HawkinsMarana Parker L/40-0
1967/CJohn GrimesValley Union Fredonia L/71-7
1968/AAAIke SharpDouglas St. Mary’s L/27-14
1968/AALarry HartFlowing Wells Coconino L/6-0
1968/BDon HawkinsMarana Round Valley W/21-6
1969/AADick PottleSafford Winslow W/26-24
1970/AAAOllie MayfieldTucson Sunnyslope W/54-16
1970/AADick PottleSafford Agua Fria L/48-26
1971/AAAOllie MayfieldTucson Tempe W/20-14
1971/AADick PottleSafford Larry HartFlowing Wells SHS/28-10
1972/AALarry HartFlowing Wells Agua Fria L/35-21
1972/CJim CrawfordSt. David Fredonia W/36-22
1973/AAAVan HowePalo Verde Camelback W/22-20
1973/AALarry HartFlowing Wells CoconinoW/14-3
1973/AVern FriedliMorenci Gilbert L/27-6
1974/AAKen SawinDouglas Coconino L/21-14
1975/AAAJerry LoperAmphiMaryvale W/23-22
1975/AALarry HartFlowing Wells Snowflake W/14-13
1975/CL.W. JacksonValley Union MayerL/26-16
1976/AABob SmithCDOKen SawinDouglas CDO/24-15
1976/ACliff MartinMorenci Page W/39-7
1976/CJohn MilfordTucson D&BMayer W/42-22
1977/AABob SmithCDOGilbert W/9-7
1977/ABoone JacksonWillcox Coolidge L/28-0
1977/CJim CrawfordSt. David Fredonia W/22-6
1978/ALarry WooldridgeWillcox Santa Cruz L/40-36
1978/BMike HayhurstBenson St. Johns L/20-12
1979/AAAVern FriedliAmphitheater Mesa W/27-0
1979/CJim CrawfordSt. David Salome W/28-22
1981/AAAEd DohertySalpointe Trevor Browne L/20-0
1981/ADamon BeckerSan Manuel Buckeye W/14-7
1981/CSteve SorceSuffolk Hills Maricopa L/20-14
1982/AALarry GrayFlowing Wells Flagstaff L/10-7
1982/ADick PottleSafford Snowflake L/19-13
1982/BPaul HanleyWillcox Blue Ridge W/13-11
1982/CSteve SorceSuffolk Hills Pima W/23-14
1983/AALarry GrayFlowing Wells Flagstaff L/24-7
1984/AAAHoward BreinigSahuaro St. Mary’s L/31-14
1984/BJack EdensMorenci Phoenix Christian L/25-7
1985/CGary MauldinValley Union Western Christian W/26-20
1986/BJesse HughesThatcher Larry WooldridgeWillcox THS/13-10
1986/CGary MauldinValley Union NW Christian W/57-20
1987/CBill HousePatagonia Tom DavisValley Union PHS/36-18
1988/BEd ShameyThatcher Hayden W/20-6
1988/CBill HousePatagonia Scottsdale Christian W/38-26
1989/2AEd ShameyThatcher Florence L/18-0
1990/5AVern FriedliAmphiMesa L/21-7
1990/4AJeff ScurranSabino Peoria W/31-28
1990/1ATom DavisValley Union Seligman L/56-0
1991/5APat WelchertSalpointe St. Mary’s L/28-13
1991/4AHoward BreinigSahuaro Agua Fria L/28-0
1991/1ABill HousePatagonia Fredonia T/36-36
1992/4AJeff ScurranSabino Washington W/28-3
1992/2AReynaldo PeruMorenci St. Johns L/20-8
1992/1ABill HousePatagonia AZ LutheranL/56-14
1993/4AWayne JonesMountain View Howard BreinigSahuaro MtV/63-32
1994/4AHoward BreinigSahuaro Peoria T/17-17
1994/2APete BearseBenson St. Johns L/34-6
1995/2AEd ShameyThatcher Ray L/28-6
1997/5AVern FriedliAmphiMesa Mt ViewL/28-24
1997/4AJeff ScurranSabino Mingus UnionL/23-14
1997/1AJohn BryantSt. David Mogollon W/58-26
1998/4AJeff ScurranSabino Agua Fria W/27-9
1998/2AJim HughesThatcher Queen Creek W/28-12
1998/1AJohn BryantSt. David Orme School W/48-30
1999/5AJeff ScurranSabino Mesa Mt ViewL/21-14
1999/4ANemer HasseySahuaro Chaparral L/27-10
2000/4ARichard SanchezSunnyside Chaparral L/28-14
2000/2ADon ConradThatcher St. Johns W/14-13
2000/1AJohn BryantSt. David Bagdad W/50-8
2001/4ARichard SanchezSunnyside Greenway (11-3)W/28-6
2001/2ADon ConradThatcher Phoenix Christian (11-3)W/35-26
2001/1AJohn BryantSt. David Joseph City W/57-43
2003/4ARichard SanchezSunnyside Cactus W/21-13
2005/4ADIJay CamposSabino Cactus L/30-7
2005/4ADIITodd MayfieldPalo VerdeMingus Union W/15-7
2006/5ADIIRichard SanchezSunnyside Centennial L/34-0
2006/4ADIJay CamposSabino Saguaro L/41-21
2006/2ADon ConradThatcher Valley ChristianW/42-20
2007/4ADIPat NugentCDOSaguaro L/23-21
2007/1ATony LuzaniaValley Union Pima W/28-12
2008/4ADIIJeff ScurranSanta Rita Notre Dame Prep L/30-26
2009/4ADIDustin PeaceCDOJay CamposSabino CDO/40-0
2009/4ADIIJeff ScurranSanta Rita Cactus L/14-0
2009/2AJim HughesWillcox Valley ChristianL/41-32
2010/4ADIDustin PeaceCDOSaguaro L/41-34
2011/DIINemer HasseyCienega Chaparral L/37-14
2012/DIIMatt JohnsonIronwood Ridge Centennial W/27-3
2012/DVFrank OgasMorenci NW Christian L/21-7
2013/DIIDennis BeneSalpointeChaparral W/46-20
2015/DIVTroy CoppPusch Ridge NW Christian W/14-7
2015/DVChris DetermanBenson Joy Christian L/27-7
2015/DVITony LuzaniaValley Union Pima L/59-32
2016/4AJeff ScurranCatalina Foothills Saguaro L/42-14
2016/3AJay CamposSabino ALA-QCL/31-14
2016/2ASean HintonThatcher Round Valley W/33-28
2017/4ADennis BeneSalpointe Saguaro L/28-7
2017/3AJerry HarrisPusch Ridge Casteel L/35-28
2017/2ASean HintonThatcher Santa Cruz W/28-27 OT
2018/4ADennis BeneSalpointe Saguaro L/42-16
2018/2ARamon MoralesThatcher Round Valley W/35-12
2020/2AChris DetermanBenson Santa Cruz L/42-7
2021/5AEric RogersSalpointe Horizon L/38-28
2021/4AJake BarroCasa Grande Poston Butte W/33-28
2021/2AJoe GarciaMorenci AZ Lutheran L/28-14
2021/1ABraden DavisSt. David Mogollon L/58-12
2022/3ADaniel JonesThatcher Eastmark L/42-21
2022/2AJoe GarciaMorenci Pima L/59-19
2023/4ADustin PeaceCDOYuma Catholic TBD
2023/3ARyan McBrayerSabino Paradise Honors W/68-46
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