Sergio Vega improves to 91-0 in career as Sunnyside overpowers Goodyear Canyon View

Sunnyside went 12-2 in its matches with a quality opponent, Goodyear Canyon View, on Wednesday (Stephanie van Latum/Special to AllSportsTucson.com)

Sunnyside and Goodyear Canyon View, two of the top programs in the state this winter, were in the same venue at Reno, Nev., only a week ago competing in the prestigious Reno Tournament of Champions.

Sunnyside finished third in the team competition and Canyon View 10th.

The Blue Devils overpowered Canyon View 63-5 in the dual meet Wednesday at Desert View (home site for Sunnyside this winter while its gym roof is getting renovated).

Sergio Vega of Sunnyside improved his career record to 91-0 with a win by fall over Canyon View’s Giosue Hickman (Gilbert Alcaraz/Special to AllSportsTucson.com)

The 138-pound competition between Sunnyside’s Sergio Vega and Canyon View’s Giosue Hickman was the feature match on Wednesday.

In Reno, Vega topped Hickman with a 5-0 decision in the 138-pound championship.

The heralded junior defeated Hickman once again, this time by fall in 5:11, on Wednesday to improve his career record to 91-0. He flipped over Hickman, while locking Hickman’s right leg, immobilizing Hickman on the mat.

“He’s a tough kid; I knew it was going to be a battle,” Vega said. “That’s my specialty move. Once I locked it up I knew it was over.”

Vega earned his third straight championship in the Reno Tournament of Champions.

He will go for a third consecutive state title in February with an opportunity to capture a state title in all four years of his eligibility.

Carlitos Stanton, Vega’s best friend since their grade-school days, is in the same position with four state championships a possibility.

Seven Blue Devils have achieved the feat of four state championships through their careers with their former teammate James Armstrong the most recent from 2020 to 2023.

Stanton moved up a weight class on Wednesday to wrestle at 150 pounds and he won by fall in 1:52 over Canyon View’s Charles Law-Abano.

It was a strong bounce-back victory after losing by fall in 3:37 in the 144-pound championship match of the Reno Tournament of Champions to Moses Mirabal of Gilroy (Calif.).

Stanton said he took from the experience at Reno “not to get too comfortable any more.”

“You have to stay alert at all times,” Stanton said.

Going against his buddy Vega daily in workouts, because they are close in weight, plays a significant part in both staying sharp during competition.

A couple of two-time state champions working on their craft against each other has to rank as the best practice competition in any sport in the state.

Vega called Stanton his “main scrapper” in practice.

“In the (workout) room, I try to grab the hardest guys, sometimes I get beat up, sometimes I don’t,” Vega said about staying focused through the 91-match win streak in high school. “If it happens, it happens. I’ve been lucky so far.

“(Stanton) is one of the hardest dudes to wrestle, he’s so good. He’s talented. It’s been so fun. He’s my best friend so it’s nice. … We have battles in the room. He gets me better. I love it.”

Anthony Leon has gained legendary status at Sunnyside with his seven state championships as head coach, including the last six seasons. He is one of four head coaches with at least five state titles at the school with Robert DeBerry (15 championships), Don Klostreich (nine) and Richard Sanchez (five) the others.

That’s a total of 36 state championships (see all the dynasty data below gathered by AllSportsTucson.com). Sunnyside is working toward state championship No. 37 in February with its balance of talented wrestlers.

Sunnyside gave a preview of how it stacks up against some of the best talent in the state by going 12-2 in the matches with Canyon View, winning five by fall.

Leon’s team has also competed in the Battle of the Best event in Arvada (Colo.) earlier this month and placed second behind host Pomona High School.

“We’ve been tested and we’ve seen a high level of competition,” Leon said. “We’ve risen our level each week. I think that’s all we’re really looking for is improvement every day in the wrestling room and I think we’re heading in the right direction.”

Here are the results of Wednesday’s match with Canyon View:

106 – Julian Cañez (Sunnyside) won by 7-3 decision over Daniel Martinez (Canyon View)

113 – Diego Lopez (Sunnyside) won by 12-6 decision over Kolton Frye (Canyon View)

120 – Gabriel Ramirez (Canyon View) won by 9-5 decision over Christopher Lopez (Sunnyside)

126 – Sean Archuleta (Sunnyside) won by injury default

132 – Carmine Cruz (Sunnyside) won by fall in 2:51 over Paul Almanza (Canyon View)

138 – Sergio Vega (Sunnyside) won by fall in 5:09 over Giosue Hickman (Canyon View)

144 – Adyn Bostic (Sunnyside) won by fall in 1:01 over Daniel Preciado (Canyon View)

150 – Carlos Stanton (Sunnyside) won by fall in 1:52 over Charles Law-Abano (Canyon View)

157 – Victor Gonzalez (Sunnyside) won by fall in 3:15 over Frank Villanueva (Canyon View)

165 – Nicholas Piña (Sunnyside) won by 8-3 decision over Tavier Garcia (Canyon View)

175 – Yassael Gonzalez (Sunnyside) won by forfeit

190 – Lucas Mata (Sunnyside) won by 9-1 decision over Asher Villalpando (Canyon View)

215 – Sir Friday (Canyon View) won by 11-7 decision over Rene Bostick (Sunnyside)

285 – Zayne Candelaria (Sunnyside) won by forfeit


Sunnyside team state championships

State titles by coach:

Robert DeBerry: 15

Don Klostreich: 9

Anthony Leon: 7

Richard Sanchez: 5

Team titles by year:

1979 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1981 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1982 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1983 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1984 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1985 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1986 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1987 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1988 Sunnyside (Don Klostreich)

1990 Sunnyside (Richard Sanchez)

1991 Sunnyside (Richard Sanchez)

1992 Sunnyside (Richard Sanchez)

1993 Sunnyside (Richard Sanchez)

1994 Sunnyside (Richard Sanchez)

1996 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

1998 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

1999 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2000 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2001 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2002 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2003 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2004 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2005 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2006 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2007 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2008 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2009 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2010 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2011 Sunnyside (Bobby DeBerry)

2013 Sunnyside (Anthony Leon)

2018 Sunnyside (Anthony Leon)

2019 Sunnyside (Anthony Leon)

2020 Sunnyside (Anthony Leon)

2021 Sunnyside (Anthony Leon)

2022 Sunnyside (Anthony Leon)

Sunnyside’s four-time state champions

2002-05 Nick Gallick 

2002-05 Matt Lopez 

2007-07 Mike Moreno 

2003-07 Kyle DeBerry 

2008-11 Kory DeBerry 

2015-18 Roman Bravo-Young 

2020-23 James Armstrong

Roman Bravo-Young (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Sunnyside’s individual state champions 


Fred Gomez, 112 pounds

Roger Ball, 145 pounds


Joe Gomez, 123 pounds


George Larrinaga, 135 pounds


Robert Parra, 105 pounds

Dan Palma, 112 pounds

Gilbert Duran, 126 pounds


Raul Samorano, heavyweight


Vince Guerra, 98 pounds

Joe Solorio, 119 pounds


Vince Guerra, 105 pounds


Lupe Peralta, 112 pounds

Fred Cota, 129 pounds

Eddie Urbano, 138 pounds

Eddie Urbano


Eddie Urbano, 138 pounds


Mike Ortega, 158 pounds


Fernando Cota, 108 pounds

Rene Nunez, 115 pounds

Fabian Cota, 129 pounds

John Bracy, heavyweight


Mike Moreno, 101 pounds

George Soto, 115 pounds

Rene Nunez, 122 pounds

Tommy Ortiz, 129 pounds

Fabian Cota, 135 pounds

John Bracy, heavyweight


Rudy Alameda, 101 pounds

Alfonso Cruz, 108 pounds

Fausto Cota, 115 pounds

George Soto, 129 pounds

Tommy Ortiz, 148 pounds

Manny Ruiz, heavyweight

Tommy Ortiz


Alfonso Cruz, 108 pounds

Fausto Cota, 115 pounds

Danny Gee, 122 pounds


Fausto Cota, 119 pounds

Raul Chavez, 132 pounds

Mike Cripe, 138 pounds


Cesar Ruiz, 119 pounds

Mark Mejia, 132 pounds

Mike Cripe, 138 pounds

Sherman Moore, 167 pounds


Chris Garcia, 112 pounds

Mark Mejia, 140 pounds


Rene Sanchez, 119 pounds

Micah Fritzinger, 125 pounds

Jose Lopez, 152 pounds


Eric Toraya, 103 pounds

Rene Sanchez, 125 pounds

Micah Fritzinger, 130 pounds

Pey Castillo, 140 pounds


Danny Vega, 103 pounds

Eric Toraya, 112 pounds

Jesus Valdez, 189 pounds


Marco Vasquez, 103 pounds

Danny Vega, 112 pounds

Sergio Lujan, 130 pounds

Joe Moore, 152 pounds

Dago Soto, 171 pounds


Marco Vasquez, 103 pounds

Danny Vega, 112 pounds

Joe Moore, 160 pounds

Danny Vega


Marco Vasquez, 103 pounds

Brian Tellez, 112 pounds


Evan Larkin, 103 pounds

Andy Huggins, heavyweight


Eric Larkin, 125 pounds

Andy Huggins, 215 pounds


Willie Bravo, 103 pounds

Ruben Coronado, 112 pounds

Evan Larkin, 119 pounds

Romego Young, 125 pounds

Eric Larkin, 140 pounds


Willie Bravo, 112 pounds

Romego Young, 119 pounds

David Rivera, 125 pounds

Evan Larkin, 130 pounds


Nate Gallick, 119 pounds

Christopher Bravo, 130 pounds

Seabrook Bizzle, 135 pounds

Mike Sallas, 140 pounds

Antonio Sepulveda, 145 pounds

David Coronado, 189 pounds

Matt Montoya, 215 pounds


Eugene Garza, 119 pounds

Nate Gallick, 125 pounds

Toribio Lujan, 160 pounds

David Coronado, 189 pounds

Anthony Rodriguez, 215 pounds


Nick Gallick, 103 pounds

Matt Lopez, 112 pounds

Ricardo Ramirez, 119 pounds

Hector Daza, 125 pounds

Eugene Garza, 130 pounds

Ramses Durazo, 152 pounds


Nick Gallick, 103 pounds

Matt Lopez, 125 pounds

Jaime Martinez, 275 pounds


Johnny Lopez, 103 pounds

Nick Gallick, 119 pounds

Kyle DeBerry, 130 pounds

Eddie Garza, 135 pounds

Matt Lopez, 140 pounds

Ruben “Huero” Quintana, 189 pounds


Johnny Lopez, 103 pounds

Nick Gallick, 125 pounds

Rene Torres, 135 pounds

Kyle DeBerry, 140 pounds

Matt Lopez, 152 pounds


Mike Moreno, 119 pounds

Rene Torres, 140 pounds

Kyle DeBerry, 152 poounds


Paul Garza, 119 pounds

Steven Moreno, 125 pounds

Mike Moreno, 130 pounds

Nathan Vorel, 135 pounds

Raymond Pina, 152 pounds

Kyle DeBerry, 160 pounds

Jerry Ochoa, 171 pounds

Kyle DeBerry


Lucio Murillo, 103 pounds

Paul Garza, 119 pounds

Mike Moreno, 125 pounds

Kory DeBerry, 135 pounds

Raymond Pina, 171 pounds

Anthony Pike, 285 pounds


Lucio Murillo, 119 pounds

Kory DeBerry, 140 pounds

Anthony Pike, 189 pounds


Raul Moraga, 127 pounds

Justin Steinebach, 142 pounds

Kory DeBerry, 147 pounds

Manny Aranda, 154 pounds

Diego Bravo, 217 pounds

William Espinoza, 287 pounds


Kory DeBerry, 152 pounds

Cedric Gonzalez, 171 pounds


Juaquin Olivas, 113 pounds

William Olivas, 126 pounds

Gabe Gonzales, 195 pounds


Juaquin Olivas, 120 pounds

William Olivas, 126 pounds

Gabe Gonzales, 195 pounds


Roman Bravo-Young, 106 pounds

Angel Laguna, 120 pounds

Juaquin Olivas, 132 pounds


Roman Bravo-Young, 120 pounds

David Salazar III, 126 pounds

Marco Frias, 170 pounds

Jesse Ybarra (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


Jesse Ybarra, 106 pounds

Manny Garcia, 113 pounds

Roman Bravo-Young, 132 pounds

David Salazar III, 145 pounds


Jesse Ybarra, 113 pounds

Juan Manuel-Garcia, 120 pounds

Vincent Loaiza, 126 pounds

Roman Bravo-Young, 132 pounds


James Brown, 113 pounds

Jaime Rivera, 120 pounds

Rico Robles, 138 pounds

Anthony Echemendia, 152 pounds

Elijah Wyatt, 182 pounds


James Armstrong, 106 pounds

Job Lee, 113 pounds

Jesse Ybarra, 126 pounds

Jaime Rivera, 132 pounds

Sebastian Robles, 145 pounds

Fernando Villascusa, 160 pounds

Audrey Jimenez (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


Audrey Jimenez, 113 pounds (girls wrestling champ)

James Armstrong, 113 pounds

Sebastian Robles, 160 pounds

Rene Fragoso, 182 pounds


Audrey Jimenez, 106 pounds (girls wrestling champ)

Sergio Vega, 113 pounds

James Armstrong, 120 pounds

Carlos Stanton, 126 pounds

Cristian Rivera, 132 pounds

Jaime Rivera, 150 pounds

Job Lee, 157 pounds

Michael Avelar, 165 pounds

Rene Fragoso, 190 pounds


James Armstrong, 120 pounds

Sergio Vega, 126 pounds

Carlos Stanton, 132 pounds

Cristian Rivera, 144 pounds

Job Lee, 157 pounds

Michael Avelar, 165 pounds

Nicholas Pina, 175 pounds

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