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Brennan the guy for Arizona, ‘knows the Arizona Way’

So, Arizona has found its man in Brent Brennan.

In fact, Arizona Athletic Director Dave Heeke says as much in a tweet mid-afternoon on Tuesday.

“Got our Guy … Great Future,” Heeke tweeted.

It didn’t take long – and for good reason. Arizona needed – no, NEEDED – someone ASAP! And they Arizona – Dave Heeke & Bobby Robbins – knew and know what they are getting in Brennan, a good, sound coach who will offer stability to the program. He might even continue what Jedd Fisch started.

Brent Brennan (San Jose State Athletics)

I use the word might given the tenuous situation with the current players staying or leaving. Who knows what will happen when Brennan arrives today or and speaks at a press conference tomorrow and has a chance to speak to the team or those who are still here.

We will see what happens after that meeting. Until then, it’s anyone’s guess. But this is what we know about Brennan.

Those who know him like and respect him.

“Bear Down! Let’s go Brent Brennan!!,” said former UA quarterback Ortege Jenkins in a tweet. “I had four choices and I believed any of them would be able to get it done!! Brent was on staff when I played and has a track record of winning and knows the Arizona Way!! I’m in full support!!”

Side note: Jenkins will be on Eye on the Ball Fox Sports 1450 at 4:17 pm today)

In fact, Brennan could have been the guy named three years ago when Fisch got the job. Many former UA players wanted him to be the guy, but the powers went with unknown Fisch, who worked wonders in year three. Remember, he had no head coaching experience. And the guy before him, Kevin Sumlin, had a big reputation and head coaching experience. Um, and how did that go?

Well, Brennan does have experience, and if his overall record – 34-48 – fails to impress you, remember he has experience as a head coach has done well with the Spartans of latem, having gone 26-19 over the last four seasons.

He’s affable and knows the importance of community, given he used to coach at Arizona under the late Dick Tomey.

“I’m excited for Tucson and Arizona footbal,” said Rich Tomey, Dick’s son. “Coach Brennan exemplifies all of the amazing qualities that were so important to my dad. I know they spent countless hours on the phone, talking about strategy, dealing with players, life and everything in between. Brent will be a great leader for this program and I’m excited to see where things go from here.”

Already, there is a report – from the respected Dennis Dodd at CBS  Sports – that quarterback Noah Fifita and his wide receiver teammate Tetairoa McMillan are planning on staying at Arizona.

Can you add two victories to Brennan’s total already? The two deciding to stay, along with wide receivers coach Kevin Cummings (another coup and a reason why the two are reportedly staying) is a huge get. Cummings used to work for Brennan at San Jose State so he knows what to expect from the coach.

Well, as of Wednesday afternoon, Cummings has officially left Arizona and has announced he’ll go to Washington.

Fifita and McMillan are possibly headed for All-American seasons in 2024 in the new Big 12. Brennan will be the guy to guild them.

We’ll see, in time, if Brennan can get Arizona to a huge season, one projected just a week ago under Fisch. My guess is – if the key players stay, he will.

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