In the Arena with Allie Skaggs – A 72-Hour Recap

Allie Skaggs vs. Central Michigan. (Arizona Athletics)

Hello everyone!

Back again with more content for the week! Your Wildcats are currently starting their first road trip of the year, heading to Tuscaloosa, Louisville, then Corvallis. We’re looking forward to the challenge and getting to compete with several quality programs on the road.

As for this week’s piece, I want to give you all a little insight as to what the week consisted of for me. Over the last 72 hours, I’ve been up to quite a bit. A big reason why I am sharing some of this stuff with you is to make you aware that our days as student-athletes aren’t just “wake up, practice, go to bed”. There’s often quite a bit that goes on that you would never guess.


On Monday, we got a full off day as a team! We played quite a few innings over the past weekend in Tucson and took the day to recover and get some rest. I went in to McKale to do some mobility and to get myself feeling more prepared for the week. Then, I went and hit with my boyfriend Josh for an hour or so. That afternoon, I decided to go surprise some of my favorite high school kids and attend the Ironwood Ridge versus Tucson High softball game. I was able to watch some of the girls I work with play, as well as see my former Ironwood Ridge coach Dave Martinez and other parents I knew. After that, I went and hit again that night. (Lots of hitting, I know.)


Tuesday morning I attended my great grandmother’s funeral and celebration of life. I was able to see a lot of my family members and honor my great grandmother who lived to be 96 years old. The morning was full of love and remembrance. Then, I went to practice. Our team had a crisp day at the field, then we went to McKale to do more mobility and recovery work. After that, I went home and watched This Is Us with my boyfriend for a few hours.


I woke up early and got a haircut, then went to Target to get some last minute toiletries for traveling. Then, I went to practice where we were in a lightning delay upon arrival. We ended up practicing indoors before the lightning delays cut our practice short. We had a brief lift in McKale after, then I went home. After being home for a little bit, I bet you can’t guess what I went to go do… yes, I went to go hit. I went to Rita for an hour or so then went back home to eat dinner and relax. Josh and I watched a few more episodes of This Is Us, I packed for our road trip, and then went to sleep!


The bus pulled out of Rita at 8:15am full of the Arizona Softball team. We are now on our way to Tuscaloosa to play at the University of Alabama, our first road test. Can’t wait to give you all more updates as they come.

Talk to you guys again soon!


(Ironwood Ridge Mascot! Allie Skaggs Photo)


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