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Frustrated with the Wildcats? Well, there are ups and downs to all this

You feel it. I know you do. I hear you do. I read you do. Yes, you’re frustrated with the No. 6 Arizona Wildcats.

Yes, you love them and maybe – likely – why you are frustrated with them. You see their potential … and then you see their, um, um, whatever you see. You’ve seen a team beat Duke, Alabama, Wisconsin, others. … then lose to Oregon State, Stanford, Washington State (twice) and most recently USC.

So, I had to ask Tommy Lloyd: does this team frustrate you? And, well, I’m not sure it does.

“Well, I think I realize that it’s hard to play great every single day,” he said, in answering the question. “I know maybe fans don’t understand that and I appreciate that and I love our fans … fans are a huge part (of this and the) fuel to this mechanism that makes it go at the level it does. But, it’s not a constant or upward trend. It’s not how it works. There’s ups and downs in this deal.”

Tommy LLoyd addressing the media before the Pac-12 Tournament.

Others have a stake in it, too, he said. Others want to win.

“It’s not a science experiment (where) once you’ve proven your theory you can reprove it over and over and over again until  (it becomes a) fact. It’s not like that. You have to go out and compete on a nightly basis and some days it’s gonna go great and some days it’s not.”

Then comes the dissection of the event. Every game. Sometimes every moment.

“Why did it go good? Why didn’t it go?” he said. “It’s a constant evaluation.”

Another evaluation starts on Thursday at noon vs. the winner of Washington and USC.

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