2023-24 Wrestling

Sunnyside’s Jimenez, No. 1 nationally pound for pound, one of four locals ranked nationally

Four of Southern Arizona’s top female wresters recognized nationally (top left, clockwise): Sunnyside’s Audrey Jimenez, Mountain View’s Lillian Gradillas-Flores, Sunnyside’s Iliana Castaneda and Pueblo’s Elizabeth Valenzuela-Smith

Sunnyside High School four-time state champion wrestler Audrey Jimenez, who will compete in April for a spot on the U.S. wrestling team that will compete in the Paris Olympics, is once again the nation’s top female wrestler in the nation pound-for-pound as rated by USA Wrestling, Flowrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The quarterly rankings were released Friday.

Jimenez continued with that distinction that at the start of last school year. She wrestles at 110 pounds (50kg).

Jimenez, who has committed to wrestle and continue her education at Lehigh, has a Senior US Open title and five age-level World Championship medals.

She is one of four local wrestlers to earn national rankings from USA Wrestling, Flowrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame.

The others are Pueblo freshman Elizabeth Valenzuela Smith ranked No. 13 at 105 pounds, Sunnyside junior Iliana Castaneda No. 27 at 115 pounds and Mountain View senior Lillian Gradillas-Flores No. 19 at 170 pounds.

Valenzuela-Smith won the 107-pound state title in February and recently earned the 106-pound 16U title of the 2024 Air Force Special Warfare 16U & Junior Boys and Girls Folkstyle Nationals at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She holds the distinction of being the first third-generation wrestling champion in Arizona. Her grandfather Orlando Smith (1974-75) and father Josiah Smith (1998) were also state champions from Pueblo.

Castaneda finished second in the 115-pound Junior Girls competition of the Folkstyle Nationals. She won the state title at 107 pounds in 2022-23 and finished second at 114 pounds this season. She is a two-time sectional champion.

Gradillas-Flores signed with Southern Oregon on Friday in a ceremony at Mountain View. She is a two-time state champion who placed second in last month’s AZ-USAW National Qualifier event. She also placed first in last summer’s Fargo Summer Showcase & 16U/Junior Nationals.


Developed by USA Wrestling, Flowrestling and the National Wrestling Hall of Fame

March 29, 2024

1. Audrey Jimenez, senior, Tucson, Ariz., Sunnyside High School (1 at 110), 1 last time

2. Piper Fowler, junior, Cleveland, Tenn., Cleveland High School (1 at 170), 2 last time

3. Morgan Turner, sophomore, Lockport, Ill., Lockport High School (1 at 105), 3 last time

4. Jaclyn Bouzakis, freshman, Shavertown, Pa., Wyoming Seminary (1 at 100), 4 last time

5. Jasmine Robinson, senior, Allen, Texas, Allen High School (2 at 170), 5 last time

110 pounds

1. Audrey Jimenez, senior, Tucson, Ariz., Sunnyside High School (1 at 110)

2. Julianna Ocampo, junior, Elhart, Ind., New Haven High School (3 at 110)

3. Caley Graber, sophomore, Northfield, Minn., Northfield High School (11 at 105)

4. Aspen Blasko, senior, Forest Lake Minn., Forest Lake High School (4 at 110)

5. Jayden Keller, sophomore, Brookfield, Mo., Brookfield High School (6 at 110)

105 pounds

1. Morgan Turner, sophomore, Lockport, Ill., Lockport High School (1 at 105)

2. Anaya Falcon, senior, Yorba Linda, Calif., Walnut High School (2 at 110)

3. Heather Crull, junior, Modoc, Ind., Northeastern High School (2 at 105)

4. Chloe Dearwester, senior, Cincinnati, Ohio, Harrison High School (4 at 105)

5. Epenesa Elison, eighth grade, Downey, Calif., Enlightium Academy (3 at 105)

6. Rianne Murphy, senior, Valparaiso, Ind., Wyoming Seminary (6 at 105)

7. Kayla Batres, freshman, Millford, Conn., Greens Farms Academy (5 at 105)

8. Sarissa Tucker, freshman, Midland, Va, Mountain View High School (7 at 105)

9. Gabrielle Tedesco, senior, Lakeland, Fla. Lake Gibson High School (8 at 105)

10. Libby Roberts, junior, Spokane, Wash., University High School (9 at 105)

11. Makenzie Smith, senior, Dale, Ind., Heritage Hills High School (14 at 105)

12. Julia Horger, sophomore, Bensalem, Pa., Bensalem High School (16 at 105)

13. Elizabeth Valenzuela-Smith, freshman, Tucson, Ariz., Pueblo Magnet High School (17 at 105)

115 pounds

1. Isabella Marie Gonzales, junior, Clovis, Calif., Clovis East High School (1 at 115)

2. Clare Booe, senior, Tarpon Springs, Fla., Wyoming Seminary (PA) (2 at 115)

3. Calli Gilchrist, junior, Norwalk, Conn., Choate Rosemary Hall (3 at 120)

4. Riley Rayome, junior, The Woodlands, Texas, Conroe The Woodlands High School (3 at 115)

5. Kaura Coles, sophomore, Kalispell, Montana, Glacier High School (4 at 115)

6. Gabriella Gomez, junior, Carol Stream, Ill., Glenbard North High School (5 at 115)

7. Cecilia Williams, sophomore, Lansing, Mich., Mason High School (7 at 115)

8. Lorianna Piestewa, senior, Gallup, N.M., Miyamuyra High School (9 at 115)

9. Harlee Hiller, junior, Evanston, Ill., Loyola Academy (11 at 115)

10. Emma Albanese, junior, Las Vegas, Nev. SLAM Academy (13 at 115),

11. Zeta Lee, senior, Tacoma, Wash., Mount Tahoma High School (15 at 115)

12. Mia Hargrove, senior, Colorado Springs, Colo., Discovery Canyon High School (17 at 115)

13. Julia Kay, sophomore, Cedar City, Utah, Canyon View High School (26 at 115)

14. Gigi Bragg, junior, Anoka, Minn., Anoka High School (6 at 115)

15. Kylee Golz, junior, Mission Viejo, Calif., Trabuco Hills High School (8 at 120),

16. Lindsey Lopez, senior, Loveland, Colo., Loveland High School (16 at 115)

17. Jessa Joiner, junior, Lebanon, Mo., Lebanon High School (18 at 115)

18. Marjorie McDaniel, senior, Orting Wash., Orting High School (21 at 115)

19. Ysabella Ocampo, freshman, New Haven, Ind., Indiana Digital Learning School (24 at 115)

20. Angela Bianchi, sophomore, Two Rivers, Wis., Two Rivers High School (27 at 115)

21. Journie Rodriguez, junior, Lancaster, Pa., JP McCaskey High School (28 at 115)

22. Melanie Val, senior, Tracy City, Tenn., St. Andrew’s Sewanee High School (NR)

23. Senna Grassman, sophomore, Calhoun, Tenn., Cleveland High School (16 at 110),

24. Amelia Murphy, junior, Valparaiso, Ind., Wyoming Seminary (20 at 110)

25. Maycee Peacher, junior, Bennington, Neb., Bennington High School (NR)

26. Lola Hunt, junior, Peoria, Ariz., Liberty High School (NR)

27. Iliana Castaneda, junior, Tucson, Ariz., Sunnyside High School (NR)

170 pounds

1. Piper Fowler, junior, Cleveland, Tenn., Cleveland High School (1 at 170)

2. Jasmine Robinson, senior, Allen, Texas, Allen High School (2 at 170)

3. Naomi Simon, senior, Decorah, Iowa, Decorah High School (3 at 170)

4. Adriana Palumbo, junior, Pleasantville, N.Y., Pleasantville High School (5 at 170)

5. Alexandria Alli, junior, Ashley, Ohio, Erie Prep Academy (PA) (6 at 170)

6. Kali Hayden, senior, Tulsa, Okla., Union High School (7 at 170)

7. Rachel Schauer, senior, Mt. Hope, Wis., Fennimore High School (8 at 170)

8. Kaylie Hall, junior, Romney, W.Va., Hampshire High School (9 at 170)

9. Matilda Hruby, freshman, Brighton, Colo., Brighton High School (10 at 170)

10. Amarisa Manuel, senior, Washington, Mich, Romeo High School (4 at 170)

11. Genevieve An, senior, Marietta, Ga., Kennesaw Mountain High School (11 at 170)

12. Ugochi Anunobi, senior, Randallstown, Md., Randallstown High School (12 at 170)

13. Leilani Lemus, sophomore, Clovis, Calif., Clovis High School (13 at 170)

14. Elizabeth Madison, sophomore, Loveland, Ohio, Loveland High School (14 at 170)

15. Grace Leota, junior, Brooksville, Fla., Hernando High School (15 at 170)

16. Jael Miller junior, Smickburg, Pa., homeschooled, wrestles for Punxsutawney Area Schools (16 at 170)

17. Kylee Lindsley, junior, Belgrade, Montana, Belgrade High School (17 at 170)

18. Alison Evans, senior, Colorado Springs, Colo., Springs Studio for Academic Excellence (18 at 170)

19. Lillian Gradillas-Flores, senior, Marana, Ariz., Mountain View-Marana High School (20 at 170)

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