In the Arena with Allie Skaggs – Random Things About Me

Izzy Pacho and Allie. (Skaggs Photo)

Hi everyone, I know I tend to talk a lot about softball, but I want to give you guys some insight into who I am as a person and some random things about me! Buckle up, there’s some fun stuff in here.

  1. I like to play Wordle and Connections every day. I typically play before I go to sleep at night. If I am not tired, or are having trouble falling asleep, I usually play games like these (or sudoku, solitaire, etc.) and they make me tired!
  2. I love acai bowls. I practically live at the Berry Divine close to campus. The workers and I have become friends (haha).
  3. I enjoy going on drives just so I can sing my heart out. If you’re out driving and hear a random person screaming Adele or OneRepublic in their car, it’s probably me.
  4. I absolutely love musicals. I go to a lot of the shows put on at Centennial Hall on the Arizona campus throughout the year. This show season, I’ve already attended “Ain’t Too Proud”, “MJ: The Musical”, and “Hairspray”. Not to mention, when “Lion King” was in town, I saw it three times. “Hamilton” has to be my all-time favorite musical though.
  5. I can sit and do puzzles for hours on end. Jigsaw puzzles are a way for me to shut my brain off for a bit while also doing something difficult. When we were on lockdown during COVID-19, I probably completed five 2,000 piece jigsaw puzzles. Izzy Pacho and I also brought puzzles on our road trips in 2023 and did them throughout the weekend in our team room.
  6. I played field hockey in middle school. As you may know by now, I enjoy hitting a ball with a stick. Field hockey was extremely fun and I loved getting to run around trying to score goals.
  7. I often struggle with anxiety. It’s something I’ve always dealt with and continue to, to this day.
  8. I can eat! Lots of food. I love pasta and could eat it every day, absolutely love pancakes and other breakfast foods, and have a pretty big sweet tooth.
  9. I write different sayings on my wrist tape every day that I play a game. If you watch Arizona Softball, you might have noticed I rock white wrist tape on my left wrist. This is for no other reason besides superstition and the enjoyment of picking what to write down that day. I typically get help from our trainer, Tracy Oshiro, our strength coach, Nick McIntee, and one of our managers, Holly Mason. I walk in to the training room after batting practice every game day, looking for what to write.
  10. I fouled a ball off of my left shin when we played Oregon State in March, and the lump is still there. I have a feeling it may never go away.
  11. I love naps. Not only can I eat a lot, but I can sleep a lot! I used to come home from high school when I lived in Louisville, and I’d fall asleep in the upstairs loft on the carpeted floor.
  12. Lastly, I love giving gifts. Yes, receiving gifts is fun too, but giving them is my favorite. I will always try to come up with creative ways to show people I love and appreciate them, even if it’s just a handwritten note they weren’t expecting. Giving is super important to me.

Hopefully you guys enjoyed these facts and this gave you all a little more insight into who I am as a human being! Now, I’m off to go take a nap.

Talk to you guys soon,

(Skaggs Photo)


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