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HISTORY: Southern Arizona State Wrestling Championships


Chris Antoniotti (L) & Don Klostreich (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

Chris Antoniotti (L) & Don Klostreich (Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)

The AIA began holding wrestling championships in 1977. Benson came in second place in 1A/2A that year while Santa Cruz won the 3A title and Safford the 4A championship. Sunnyside came in second in 5A that very first year.

Sunnyside went on to win 30 state championships from 1979 to 2013 and, if you throw in Desert View’s three titles, the Sunnyside School District far outpaces the rest of the state with an incredible 33 team trophies.

Richard Sanchez won five at Sunnyside and Bobby DeBerry won a record 15 but Don Klostreich started it all 33 years ago when he began the first of his nine titles. Anthony Leon added to the program with another title in 2013.

Herman Andrews, Jr. won six at Safford and Fred Comaduran took four at Benson while Dave Thomas led Flowing Wells to four also.


Sunnyside (30)
1979: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1981: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1982: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1983: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1984: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1985: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1986: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1987: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1988: 5A (Don Klostreich)
1990: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1991: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1992: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1993: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1994: 4A (Richard Sanchez)
1996: 5A (Bobby DeBerry)
1998: 5A (Bobby DeBerry)
1999: 5A (Bobby DeBerry)
2000: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2001: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2002: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2003: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2004: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2005: 4A (Bobby DeBerry)
2006: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2007: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2008: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2009: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2010: 5A-II (Bobby DeBerry)
2011: D-I (Bobby DeBerry)
2013: D-I (Anthony Leon)

Safford (7)
1977: 4A (Tom Jones)
2005: 3A (Herman Andrews, Jr.)
2006: 3A (Herman Andrews, Jr.)
2007: 3A (Herman Andrews, Jr.)
2008: 3A (Herman Andrews, Jr.)
2009: 3A (Herman Andrews, Jr.)
2010: 3A (Herman Andrews, Jr.)

Santa Cruz (5)
1977: 3A (Jay Denton)
1978: 3A (Steve Combs)
1979: 3A (Steve Combs)
1991: 1A/2A (Jay Denton)
1995: 3A (Jay Denton)

Benson (4)
1983: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)
1989: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)
1993: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)
1994: 1A/2A (Fred Comaduran)

Flowing Wells (4)
1978: 4A (Dave Thomas)
1979: 4A (Dave Thomas)
1980: 4A (Dave Thomas)
1994: 4A (Dave Thomas)

Desert View (3)
1987: 4A (Chris Antoniotti)
1988: 4A (Chris Antoniotti)
1989: 4A (Chris Antoniotti)

Ironwood Ridge (3)
2011: D-II (Tim Berrier)
2012: D-II (Tim Berrier)
2013: D-II (Tim Berrier)

Pueblo (2)
1992: 5A (John Mulay)
2008: 4A-I (Steve Lopez)

San Manuel (2)
2002: 1A/2A (Manny Yubeta)
2004: 1A/2A (Manny Yubeta)

Cienega (1)
2009: 4A-I (Marty Niblo)

Marana (1)
1983: 4A (Bob Newman)

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