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Players of the Year
Kalista Kakou, Salpointe
Jacqueline Igulu, Palo Verde

Freshmen of the Year
Sydney Lenhart, Salpointe
Mae Sinclair, Canyon Del Oro

Coach of the Year
Becky Freeman, Salpointe

Kate Connelly, Salpointe: Forward
Jacqueline Igulu, Palo Verde: Forward
Keyara Zuniga, Walden Grove: Forward
Tatiana Lizarraga, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Catalina Alvarado, Salpointe: Forward
Khadijo Mohamed, Palo Verde: Forward
Rachel Carrell, Walden Grove: Midfielder
Olivia Lai, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Paloma Teran, Salpointe: Midfielder
Kalista Kakou, Salpointe: Midfielder
Hannah Draper, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Malia Vanisi, Walden Grove: Midfielder
Isabella Almazan, Salpointe: Defender
Lauren Bollinger, Salpointe: Defender
Demi Zuniga, Walden Grove: Defender
Meghan Hawkins, Catalina Foothills: Defender
Alyssa Alegria, Walden Grove: Defender
Brooke Nelson, Catalina Foothills: Defender
Madison Hargis, Salpointe: Goalie
Haven Chambers, Walden Grove: Goalie

Mae Sinclair, Canyon Del Oro: Forward
Bianca Cruz, Rio Rico: Forward
Sydney Lenhart, Salpointe: Forward
Giana Flores, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Mariah Vasquez, Walden Grove: Forward
Ashley Clark, Canyon Del Oro: Forward
Marilyn McFeaters: Palo Verde: Midfielder
Alani Parra, Nogales: Midfielder
Jiaying Brust, Salpointe: Midfielder
Annalisa Verdugo: Pueblo: Midfielder
Michelle Sigala: Palo Verde: Midfielder
Ximena Parra, Nogales: Midfielder
Lindsey Nelson, Catalina Foothills: Defender
April Moya, Palo Verde: Defender
Alyssa Alegria, Walden Grove: Defender
Krystal Zuniga, Rio Rico: Defender
Alexa Ronquillo, Nogales: Defender
Maria Falcon, Palo Verde: Defender
Yaricza SantaCruz, Catalina Foothills: Goalie
Miranda De La Rosa, Nogales: Goalie

Rachel Kinnison, Salpointe: Forward
Payton Maxwell, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Emilie Fisher, Canyon Del Oro: Forward
Crystal Munoz, Douglas: Forward
Paola Rueda Flores, Nogales: Forward
Maria Fernanda Martinez, Nogales: Forward
Katie Donovan, Salpointe: Midfielder
Hayden Zuniga, Walden Grove: Midfielder
Yasmin Murguia, Douglas: Midfielder
Annalisa Verdugo, Pueblo: Midfielder
Marlene Padilla, Nogales: Midfielder
Savannah Hobbs, Rio Rico: Midfielder
Valeria Dabdoub, Nogales: Defender
Marie Nzeyimana, Amphitheater: Defender
Amber Keith, Canyon Del Oro: Defender
Aylene Lopez, Rio Rico: Defender
Emily Valenzuela, Salpointe: Defender
Alexis Alvarado, Walden Grove: Defender
Brianna Guzman, Douglas: Goalie
Sam Renteria, Rio Rico: Goalie

(Andy Morales/AllSportsTucson.com)


Players of the Year
Alfonso Cabrera, Salpointe
Connor Cosgrove, Catalina Foothills

Freshmen of the Year
Manny McCrohan, Catalina Foothills
Ryan Brady, Walden Grove

Coach of the Year
Wolfgang Weber, Salpointe

Alfonso Cabrera, Salpointe: Forward
Connor Cosgrove, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Francisco Manzo, Salpointe: Forward
Aamahn Murvin, Walden Grove: Forward
Caleb Sanchez, Canyon Del Oro: Forward
Jesus Castro Duarte, Amphitheater: Forward
Bernardo Rebeil, Salpointe: Midfielder
Zane Wade, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Eric Galindo, Salpointe: Midfielder
Ryan Whitney, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Juan Carlos Acuna, Douglas: Midfielder
Niko Georgiev, Salpointe: Midfielder
Max Romo, Salpointe: Defender
Ricardo Espindola, Nogales: Defender
Jorge Garavito, Catalina Foothills: Defender
Jesus Noriega, Salpointe: Defender
Kyle Benson, Catalina Foothills: Defender
Lu Reh, Amphitheater: Defender
Adrian McCune, Catalina Foothills: Goalie
Michael Sanchez, Salpointe: Goalie

Joseph Valencia, Douglas: Forward
Abdoul Maiga, Amphitheater: Forward
Ismael Velazquez, Palo Verde: Forward
Jesus Castro, Nogales: Forward
Peter Hernandez, Nogales: Forward
Brandon Le, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Connor Boyd, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Reed Foster, Salpointe: Midfielder
Luis Gonzalez, Amphitheater: Midfielder
Esdras Fernandez, Amphitheater: Midfielder
Manny McCrohan, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Hector Hernandez, Canyon Del Oro: Midfielder
Hunter Knox, Salpointe: Defender
Bryan Salazar, Salpointe: Defender
Gilbert Armenta, Amphitheater: Defender
Will Peterson, Catalina Foothills: Defender
Joseph Padilla, Douglas: Defender
Carlos Arizpe, Salpointe: Defender
Jesus Gastelum, Amphitheater: Goalie
Rafael Gonzalez, Douglas: Goalie

Tyler Serano, Palo Verde: Forward
Marcello Chavez, Salpointe: Forward
Jorge Leon, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Ben Mueller-Martin, Catalina Foothills: Forward
Ivan Gonzalez, Nogales: Forward
Luis Avila, Walden Grove: Forward
Matthew Parks, Walden Grove: Midfielder
Anthony Ulibarri, Catalina Foothills: Midfielder
Bernardo Rebeil, Salpointe: Midfielder
Cameron Scharf, Salpointe: Midfielder
Edgar Miranda, Palo Verde: Midfielder
Oscar Valenzuela, Nogales: Midfielder
Harry Santos, Amphitheater: Defender
Hunter Horetski, Canyon Del Oro: Defender
Dylan Jungerman, Canyon Del Oro: Defender
Cesar Cruz, Walden Grove: Defender
Fabian Ruiz, Amphitheater: Defender
Alexes Flores, Douglas: Defender
Jose Borquez, Catalina Foothills: Goalie
Ryan Brady, Walden Grove: Goalie



Andy Morales was recognized by the AIA as the top high school reporter in 2014 and has been a youth, high school and college coach for over 30 years. His own children have won multiple state high school championships and were named to all-state teams. Competing in hockey, basketball, baseball and track & field in high school, his unique perspective can only be found here and on AZPreps365.com. Andy was named a Local Hero by the Tucson Weekly for 2016. Contact Andy Morales at AMoralesMyTucson@yahoo.com


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