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Mountain View Volleyball Invite results plus Sandy Novak is set to Retire

Sandy Novak (Andy Morales/


Sandy Novak will be exploring Europe in a few months. It’s a place she has never been. One of her former players has a temporary home in Germany and she offered her former coach a place to stay, a car and freedom to explore. Who could say no to freedom?

Money and the will to travel was never the issue. It was time….



Juanita Kingston, Rincon/UHS
671-301 (972)
455: Girls (1 championship & 1 runner-up)
216: Boys (1 runner-up)

Sandy Novak, Sahuaro
662-195 (857)
402: Girls (2 runner-up)
260: Boys (1 championship & 1 runner-up)

Bill Lang, Ironwood Ridge
635-334 (969)
417: Girls (2 runner-up)
218: Boys

The View Volleyball Invitational

Mar. 31-Apr. 1: Mountain View

Friday, Mar. 31
Sahuaro over Amphitheater 25-10, 25-8
Sahuaro over Millennium, 25-13, 25-18
Sahuaro over Canyon del Oro, 25-14, 25-23
Canyon del Oro over Amphitheater, 25-12, 25-15
Canyon del Oro over Millennium, 25-5, 25-13
Millennium over Amphitheater, 27-26, 13-25, 15-13
Rincon over Flowing Wells, 25-16, 25-16
Rincon over Desert Edge, 25-12, 25-8
Rincon over Kellis, 25-17, 25-23
Kellis over Desert Edge, 25-13, 26-24
Kellis over Flowing Wells, 16-25, 25-6, 15-10
Flowing Wells over Desert Edge, 25-14, 25-14
Salpointe over Sunnyside, 25-8, 25-9
Salpointe over Marana, 25-21, 25-20
Salpointe over Mountain View, 25-18, 25-18
Mountain View over Sunnyside, 25-13, 25-10
Mountain View over Marana, 25-10, 25-12
Marana over Sunnyside, 25-12, 25-20

Saturday, Apr. 1
Rincon vs. Flowing Wells, 10 a.m.
Sahuaro vs. Marana, 10 a.m.
Canyon del Oro vs. Mountain View, 11 a.m.
Salpointe vs. Kellis, 11 a.m.

Desert Edge vs. Amphitheater, 9 a.m.
Millennium vs. Sunnyside, 9 a.m.


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