2A & 3A Soccer All-Stars: Bisbee & Sahuarita


Player of the Year
Sam Wright, Sahuarita

Freshman of the Year
Rylee Arrington, Sahuarita

Coaches of the Year
Roberto Franzone and Jim Rawlings, Sahuarita

Sam Wright, Sahuarita: Forward
Lina Bracamonte, Sahuarita: Forward
Rylee Arrington, Sahuarita: Forward
Kate Rustand, Sabino: Forward
Audry Katsel, Pusch Ridge: Forward
Jane Mauer, Pusch Ridge: Forward
Cailin Randolph, Tanque Verde: Forward
Celeste Medrano, San Miguel: Forward
Paige McCrindle, Pusch Ridge: Midfielder
Alexia Irigoyen, Sahuarita: Midfielder
Briannah Gerhart, Tanque Verde: Midfielder
Allison Oberdank, Sabino: Midfielder
Emma Garnand, Pusch Ridge: Midfielder
Jillian Fisher, Tanque Verde: Midfielder
Meleny Gradillas, San Miguel: Midfielder
Abigail Pursley, Tanque Verde: Midfielder
Mari Acosta, Sahuarita: Defender
Rachel Campagne, Sabino: Defender
Karsyn Barnett, Pusch Ridge: Defender
Amber Conner, Tanque Verde: Defender
Daniela Bredice, Sabino: Defender
Ellie Nasiatka, Tanque Verde: Defender
Kalle Osier, Pusch Ridge: Defender
Apple Otero-Morales, Sahuarita: Defender
Riley Bravin, Sabino: Goalie
Danitza Correon, Pusch Ridge: Goalie
Hayle Salcido, Sahuarita: Goalie


Player of the Year
Chris Guzman, Sahuarita

Freshman of the Year
Jonah Ramos, Sahuarita

Coach of the Year
Louis Dachtyl, Sahuarita

Chris Guzman, Sahuarita: Forward
Carlos Brown, San Miguel: Forward
Joshua Reuter, Tanque Verde: Forward
Caden Lonabaugh, Sabino: Forward
Ghislain Arido, Catalina: Forward
Jilverto Velazquez, Catalina: Forward
Trey Lustenberger, Pusch Ridge: Forward
Payton Young, Pusch Ridge: Forward
Ryan Spitzer, Sabino: Midfielder
Carlos Lopez, Sahuarita: Midfielder
Boniface Ekenya, Catalina: Midfielder
Cesar Torres, San Miguel: Midfielder
Denton Robinson, Pusch Ridge: Midfielder
Brandon Neale, Pusch Ridge: Midfielder
Arturo Tovar, Sabino: Midfielder
Jilverto Velazquez, Catalina: Midfielder
Gustavo Leon, Sahuarita: Defender
Oumar Samoura, Catalina: Defender
Alex Plant, Sabino: Defender
Andres Gutierrez, San Miguel: Defender
Emmanuel Corral, Pusch Ridge: Defender
Owen Iverson, Tanque Verde: Defender
Estevan Pickett, Sahuarita: Defender
Jack Weeks, Tanque Verde: Defender
Andrew Bracamonte, Sahuarita: Goalie
Brian Lopez, Catalina: Goalie


Player of the Year
Zergyo Adame, Bisbee

Freshman of the Year
Hayden Taiz, Desert Christian

Coach of the Year
Mark Flores, Bisbee

Zergyo Adame, Bisbee
Carlos Lon, Willcox: Forward
Dayan Marquez, Desert Christian: Forward
Alexis Torres, Benson: Forward
Ivan Carranza, Patagonia: Forward
Jesus Rodarte, Willcox: Forward
Hunter Hourany, Desert Christian: Forward
Kurt Whitcoe, Patagonia: Forward
Luis Morales, Bisbee: Forward
Hayden Taiz, Desert Christian: Forward/MF
Jonathon Chacara, Bisbee: Midfielder
Javier Bustamante, Bisbee: Midfielder
Jesus Hernandez, Willcox: Midfielder
Caleb Charles, Desert Christian: Midfielder
Santiny Aguilar, Patagonia: Midfielder
Joseph Lutz, Benson: Midfielder
Caid Jones, Benson: Midfielder
Cristian Lara, Willcox: Midfielder
Brayan Hernandez, Willcox: Midfielder
Dakota Crabtree, Academy of Tucson: Midfielder
Manuel Zepeda, Willcox: Defender
Steven Coleman, Benson: Defender
Pancho Oscar, Willcox: Defender
Thunder Anderson, Desert Christian: Defender
Victor Marquez, Willcox: Defender
Jack Hutton, Desert Christian: Defender
Liam Sprietsma, Benson: Defender
Arriana Ochoa-Tovar, Patagonia: Defender
Mark Flores, Bisbee: Goalie
Jordan Merrill, Benson: Goalie
Michael Steckler, Desert Christian: Goalie



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