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Former Wildcat Trier drafted in G League

Allonzo Trier is back to playing pro basketball again. Well, almost.

He was picked fourth in Monday’s G League draft by the Minnesota Timberwolves’ affiliation.

Allonzo Trier gets picked up in the G League draft.

Trier, a former UA guard, was not part of any preseason team before this season started. It was only last week he agreed to a G League contract after two years with the New York Knicks organization.

He went undrafted in 2018 but signed a two-way deal with the Knicks after an impressive early start to the season. He did so well, New York decided to give him a two-year NBA contract with $7 million.

He, however, was let go last season. Many of his issues with New York were his penchant to play one-one-one basketball.

“His high-water mark as an NBA player could’ve come his rookie year,” a scout told Mark Berman of the New York Post. “He had to play. Guys at 26, 27—does he figure out how to be a great role player, be on a good team coming off the bench? He still wants to score. His reputation in high school and college was a kid kind of up and down. He surprised me his rookie year. Even as a rookie, I don’t think he learned how to play winning basketball. Can he be part of winning basketball?”

Can he learn how to play team ball after being let go last season? Time will tell.

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