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Arizona Wildcats helmet sticker update: Times when UA used stickers



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Stickers on a helmet are for individual rewards, but football is a team sport.

The stickers I apply to Arizona’s helmet (in the accompanying slide) in this blog are for team achievements.

Arizona used helmet stickers under Larry Smith and Dick Tomey, as shown in the above and below pictures. For the last 15 seasons, Arizona’s helmet has gone blank, while other programs, including Ohio State and Florida State, continue to mark individual achievements with stickers.

The USA Today in 2006 published a story about helmet stickers in college — the NFL has never worn them — and mentioned Arizona’s use of them, or lack thereof.

“Arizona used to award them as well, but a school spokesman said they stopped because safety Chuck Cecil collected so many big cat claws for vicious hits that his helmet ‘looked stupid,'” the report reads.

Possibly, but can the same be said of the all the buckeyes on an Ohio State helmet?

The sticker system will at least be rekindled here, as I’ve done the last couple of years.

In Arizona’s season-opening 42-32 win over UTSA last Thursday, the Wildcats achieved eight stickers based on our system. Last season, in their Pac-12 South title year, they averaged 7.8 stickers a game, 8.4 in their 10 victories.

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