All-Southern Arizona Football All-Stars


(Andy Morales/  16x20 poster available for only $20. Add your picture for free.

(Andy Morales/ 16×20 poster available for only $20. Add your picture for free.

Player of the Year
Ben Walker, Pusch Ridge

Coach of the Year
Troy Cropp, Pusch Ridge


Offensive Players of the Year
Rhett Rodriguez, Catalina Foothills
Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells

Top Quarterbacks
Justice Summerset, Mountain View
Rhett Rodriguez, Catalina Foothills

Top Running Backs
Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells
Freddy McCarty, Nogales

Top Receivers
Spencer Schuller, Bisbee
Bryan Beckon, Catalina Foothills
Isaiah Lovett, Mountain View

Defensive Players of the Year
Jake Ksiazek, Salpointe
Coy Colgate, Nogales

Top Defensive Linemen
Chase Laurita, Ironwood Ridge
Justin Holt, Salpointe

Coaches of the Year
Mark Brunenkant, Flowing Wells
Chris Determan, Benson

Freshmen of the Year
Trenton Bourguet, Marana
Calib McRae, Mountain View
Wyatt Jeffries, Empire



First Team
QB: Justice Summerset, Mountain View
QB: Rhett Rodriguez, Catalina Foothills
RB: Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells
RB: Freddy McCarty, Nogales
RB: DeAndre Williams, Tucson
RB: James Raica, Pusch Ridge
TE: Ben Walker, Pusch Ridge
WR: Garrett Woodlock, Canyon del Oro
WR: Spencer Schuller, Bisbee
WR: Bryan Beckon, Catalina Foothills
WR: Isaiah Lovett, Mountain View
OL: Chase Laurita, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Ralph Encinas, Sunnyside
OL: Andrew Palomares, Salpointe
OL: Dylan Eickmeyer, Salpointe
OL: Jesus Ortega, Tucson
OL: Brandon Stine, Catalina Foothills
UT: Drew Dixon, Sabino
UT: Bobby Rodriguez Vega, Cholla
UT: EJ Galvez, Salpointe
UT: Edwin Lovett, Pusch Ridge
KICKER: Jacob Meeker-Hackett, Cienega
PUNTER: Gabe Hernandez, Sahuarita

Second Team
QB: Nick O’Hagin, Sunnyside
QB: Jorge Flores, Tucson
RB: Bryce Coleman, Mountain View
RB: Harrison Beemiller, Ironwood Ridge
RB: Tony Chavez, Bisbee
RB: Cole McLafferty, Ironwood Ridge
TE: Daniel Peabody, Ironwood Ridge
WR: Jiovonni Ortega, Buena
WR: Tyler Stiltner, Flowing Wells
WR: Daniel Hernandez, Sunnyside
WR: Stan Berryhill Jr., Mountain View
OL: Hunter Alderson, Ironwood Ridge
OL Elias Bingham, Sabino
OL: Matt Michael, Marana
OL: Nathan Cosmas, Sabino
OL: Antonio Moreno, Cienega
OL: David Watson, Amphitheater
UT: Travis Davis, St. David
UT: Cody Cropp, Pusch Ridge
UT: Casey Carnaghi, Sahuaro
KICKER: Hunter Myrdal, Catalina Foothills
PUNTER: Cash Peterman, Ironwood Ridge

Third Team
QB: Noah Soto, Canyon del Oro
QB: Nick Hernandez, Benson
RB: Louis Joseph, Walden Grove
RB: Dominic Salaz, Salpointe
RB: Tamerat McLeod, Pusch Ridge
RB: Tristan Peterson, Canyon del Oro
TE: Max Michalczik, Catalina Foothills
WR: Tyree Pierson, Tucson
WR: Alan Ortega, Nogales
WR: Frankie Gomez, Pueblo
WR: Caleb Reeves, Marana
OL: Zach Hightower, Canyon del Oro
OL: Donald Davis, Mountain View
OL: Kristian Becerra, Ironwood Ridge
OL: Myles Hamlett, Salpointe
OL: Josiah Booth, Pueblo
OL: Michael Valencia, Nogales
UT: Will Kubota-Martin, Empire
UT: Cole Gerken, Ironwood Ridge
UT: Preston Kime, Catalina Foothills
KICKER: Luis Aguilar, Nogales
PUNTER: Ryan Grimm, Buena

Fourth Team
QB: Connor Leavens, Marana
QB: Justin Pledger, Pueblo
RB: Christian Wilridge, Tombstone
RB: Ruben Figueroa, Sunnyside
RB: Jeff Lockwood, Tucson
RB: Elijah Fant, Marana
TE: DeShaun Flannnigan-Fowles, Mountain View
WR: Ethan Eagerton, Empire
WR: Jimmy Stewart III, Catalina Foothills
WR: Tyson Coleman, Benson
WR: Tristan Jury, Cienega
OL: Jason Cline, Pusch Ridge
OL: Jonas Leader, Canyon del Oro
OL: Bryce Fontana, Cienega
OL: Michael Beltran, Pueblo
OL: Brian Warren, Empire
OL: Henry Borboa, Flowing Wells
UT: Joey Gould, Tanque Verde
UT: Jaret Luzania, Valley Union
UT: Braxton Bennett, Buena
KICKER: Bennett Nottingham, Sabino
PUNTER: Heath Kleindienst, Catalina Foothills


First Team
DL: Jared Sheeley, Canyon del Oro
DL: Chase Laurita, Ironwood Ridge
DL: Justin Holt, Salpointe
DL: Ralph Encinas, Sunnyside
DL: Brandon Benson, Sabino
DL: Steven Brezovski, Catalina foothills
DE: Aaron Sanders, Sunnyside
LB: Dakota Haynes, Pusch Ridge
LB: Jake Ksiazek, Salpointe
LB: Andrew Filiberti, Sahuaro
LB: Ruben Figueroa, Sunnyside
LB: Coy Colgate, Nogales
DB: DJ Hinton, Salpointe
DB: DeAndre Williams, Tucson
DB: Jared McKemy, Ironwood Ridge
DB: Harrison Beemiller, Ironwood Ridge
DB: Jordan Wyatt, Sahuaro
UT: Justin Shorbe, Flowing Wells
UT: Robert Pasos, Catalina
UT: Jesus Rodriguez, Pueblo
KR: Garrett Woodlock, Canyon del Oro

Second Team
DL: Bryce Fontana, Cienega
DL: Jackson Jesionowski, Sabino
DL: Josiah Booth, Pueblo
DL: Jose Lugo, Catalina
DL: Kevin Sotelo, Flowing Wells
DL: Ezra Thomas, Amphitheater
DE: Deacon Laurita, Ironwood Ridge
LB: Tristan Peterson, Canyon del Oro
LB: Bryan Lopez, Tucson
LB: James Offerman, Sabino
LB: JJ Petty, Sabino
LB: Brandon Smith, Catalina foothills
DB: Jake Gormally, Sabino
DB: Joe Kidd, Marana
DB: Bryan Beckon, Catalina foothills
DB: James Stewart, Catalina foothills
UT: Henry Borboa, Flowing Wells
UT: Bobby Vega, Cholla
UT: Ethan Eagerton, Empire
KR: Keegan Graf, Benson

Third Team
DL: Ben Walker, Pusch Ridge
DL: Storm Downing, Marana
DL: Greg Snyder, Sahuaro
DL: Seth Hammrich, Canyon del Oro
DL: Brayden Smith. Ironwood Ridge
DL: Tyler Wood, Sahuaro
DE: Shawn Boutte, Buena
LB: Jake Darrow, Mountain View
LB: Tom Baden, Ironwood Ridge
LB: Morgan White, Canyon del Oro
LB: Keegan Graf, Benson
LB: Brandon Laird, Benson
DB: Justin Pledger, Pueblo
DB: Oliver Harris, Pusch Ridge
DB: Dionte Flores, Flowing Wells
DB: Edwin Lovett, Pusch Ridge
UT: Miguel Cardenas, Sunnyside
UT: Mike Ayers, Ironwood Ridge
UT: Luke Wallace, Salpointe
KR: Tristan Jury, Cienega

Fourth Team
DL: Tavian Robey, Mountain View
DL: Kai Golden, Mountain View
DL: Caleb Eubanks, Salpointe
DL: Mario Vallejo, Desert View
DL: Max Michalczik, Catalina Foothills
DL: Garrett Turnbull, Marana
DE: Devin Johnson, Mountain View
LB: Elliot Perez-Guillen, Pueblo
LB: James Raica, Pusch Ridge
LB: Adrian Madero, Pueblo
LB: Will Walker, Cienega
LB: Soma Helu, Ironwood Ridge
DB: Alan Ortega, Nogales
DB: Mauricio Olivares, Desert View
DB: Ricky Paredes, Nogales
DB: Tommy Lawrence, Mountain View
UT: Anthony Thomas, Desert View
UT: Derrick Murray, Catalina Foothills
UT: Manny Miranda, Marana
KR: Trevor Wells, Catalina Foothills

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